Thursday, June 01, 2006

to frump or not to frump

lets just say the "busyness" of motherhood has a way of unleashing the frump in each of us

i am not a frumpy gal, never have been- i don't like to leave the house "un-done"- but lately there have been far too many frump days- so I decided to read frumpy to foxy in 15 minutes- (the 4-- 50sish ladies at the library were getting a kick out of it and wondering who reserved such a book on inter-library loan) to see if it would de-frump me

thanks to this book-- i did clean out of my closet-- with the deep and probing questions--"do i really wear that- do i look even remotely good in that?" and have made more directed attempts at foxiness

what i also realized-- i don't always have 15 minutes-well 15 consective minutes- frumpy to foxy is best suited for the non mother crowd- because it also requires the time to shop for non frumpy attire. (most of us don't intend to be frumpy it has more to do with the 101 sizes that goes with childbearing)

also i have failed to set aside $ in my wardrobe budget for things like "lounging clothes" "special foxy shoes for the gym" etc.

Smart daddy-o picked up the book and scoffed at a number of their ideas (such as tucking a fresh flower behing your ear for a glamourous dressy evening-he said it was only ok if you were hawaiian) - i added if you are someone who is totally gorgeous and can pull off anything.

So after reading that i finally went and got the pedicure i had been meaning to get for so long (with the gift certificate someone gave me whensmart baby was born)

Sadly i felt like a fish out of water in the toxic fume emitting nail salon--although the other clients chatty we couldn't get past-how they always choose the same color- or shocking deals on BCBG sunglasses at Filenes basement--

i did look at the price list (but decided i'd probably rather spend the $ on a family treat out for our favorite chinese) it was luxurious and pampering and yes my toes have never looked and felt better

but when it comes down to frumpy or foxy- although we'd all like to be foxy-- somedays frumpy is the right choice- the moral choice- somedays my sick baby wins out over coiffed hair, perfectly shaped brows, or glowing exfoliated skin--and making regular deposits into the boys 529 college savings plans, and mission funds takes precedance over painted nails, or another pair of cute jeans.

So my resolution is I will try harder to be foxy but i'll let a little frump slide in the name of love.


Nettie said...

I recently read "What You Wear Can Change Your Life" by the What Not To Wear People. No fashionista here, I am amazed that people actually think that hard about what they are wearing, and even how they are sitting when being photographed to best display their bodies. (yep, that was in there, too.) It just made me paranoid about the shapes of my shoes and necklines. I like your approach better: Common sense moderated foxiness.

Valarie said...

I've embraced the frump. Foxy is just not me. That's not to say I wear sweats all day. We need a word for what's between foxy and frumpy.

Gabriela said...

I'm not foxy. I need help in this department. Like a personal shopper or something. I would like to look more put together, but I just don't take the time or spend the money to do so.

PS your house looks foxy for sure!!!

Lei said...

Amen, sister. I've slowly learned this lesson, because like you I do like to look my best. But ther are times to elt go - right now beign one of them for me.

You could totally pull off a flower behind the ear... :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the post!! And ITA about the so many things in our closet b/c of all the sizes of childbearing/rearing :)

emlouisa said...

I am a middle of the road,neither foxy nor frumpy. Too many kids, too many stains on my shirt.

Lee said...

What a great post! You have a great outlook, and great ideas!

handiemom said...

I definitely choose not to frump 90% of the time. Foxy has never been in my vocabulary. Maybe I should read this book. Although you're right -- what mother has 15 consecutive minutes without a child needing attention? (Maybe in the middle of the night?)

Love the picture!