Tuesday, April 20, 2010

tour my studio…

IMG_2775So lots of people ask about my studio. So today you get the 411. As luck would have it when we happened upon our house and it was being built the builder was building it with 2-2 car garages. At the time we had a 1 baby and couldn’t foresee the need for such garage space- so we nixed the second garage and just had them put IMG_2750windows instead of garage doors and leave it unfinished. A few years later we decided to finish the space which was 24x24 with enormously high ceilings (you may remember the photo a few posts back of me sheetrocking in my 3rd trimester) so we changed the first IMG_2699floor bath and made a separate laundry room, a studio and playroom. I love the studio for its big open space and storage. There is an art closet, art cabinets, bookshelves, a desk, a table, my favorite storage bed which doubles as a couch(an literally has dozens of canvases stored underneath it), my favorite red chair, my giant black mirror, kids easel, my easel, two windows, & a door to outside. The IKEA shelves which hold my paintings are IMG_2766mounted over my head but still 4 feet from the ceiling- which makes storing paintings ideal!I have about <20 straight feet of them along the front wall. The studio does not always looked this organized—(but today you get it post spring cleaning). Especially if I am on a creative binge… or the playroom contents are spilling out through the french doors…IMG_2757

I love my studio. I have spent many hours here- usually night time hours (when i actually get to paint). So many great memories in this room and is one of the favorite rooms in the house- not only for me but for everyone who comes over. The view is constantly changing (you know this if you’ve ever been here). In fact one of the lines most repeated in my studio by various friends is “hey that’s new!” Truth be told really like to paint on the floor not an easel- so I usually spread out drop clothes and can be seen crawling around with my palette and paints. so that’s the grand tour folks… any questions

Monday, April 19, 2010

cheap fun



Well as you can see my children occupy themselves with simple things. A tarp, a backpack, and some strings. Then they take turns with the neighbor kids running around the yard with their homemade parachute—I think they secretly hope if they get up enough speed it will lift them off the ground. I caught them dropping the backpack of the back deck (about 11 feet up). I think it was a test run- I reminded them that this is not indeed a real parachute so I don’t want to see any children attached to it going over the back deck railing!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

you didn’t know me when

So I have been going through old picture files since getting my new computer. And these were some I found that made me remember earlier days.

me 1979-age 3 on a galapagos turtleimg015sheetrock me april 2005 cutting sheetrock 35wks pregnant with #2 in my now studio

discobay october 2005 with #1 and #2 at the disco bay house


march 2006 #2100_2344may 2006

feb 2007100_3554

palmer january 2008 with my third son

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Catch me this summer

segullah-retreat-1  I will be at the Segullah Writers’ retreat and hosting the evening Studio Art night in Utah this summer! So come and create with me—get your friends to come too-- it will be a great time!! The writing conference will be amazing as well! It really is for anyone who wants to write/likes to write and I can also provide my guarantee the company will be divine. Many of my favorite women will be there! So come party with me for a day. You know it will be fun!