Tuesday, January 22, 2008

good news


Well at his 6 week follow-up our sweetest boy got the all clear. No mroe clot, normal flow in the portallveins and only a little minor edema in the liver! We're so happy to get to stop the lovenox and have the projection be that this will have not long term impact for him! We appreciate all the prayers- they worked a great miracle!

He is still so darling- but as you can see does not like to be naked

Monday, January 21, 2008

poor mans snowboard- snow day antics

well smart son 1 as we all know does not lack for creativity-- and over the weekend he was watching lindsey jacobellis snowboarding- so when we happened to have a snow day this is what he created from a cardboard box-- an indoor snowboard- he started using it to do tricks around the house-- ahh to have such cheap parents...smart son 2 - still brimming with Christmas spirit decided to bring offerings to our newborn babe- no gold frankincense or myrrh- not a problem-- a spaghetti squash will totally do in a pinch!
He also likes to do crayola window fx markers-- and for all you moms wanting to develop prewriting skills in your kids- I draw a roadway and he makes the marker cars follow the path- a great way to help you kids start learning the shapes and motions necessary for letter formation-(and you thought it was just fun drawing time son- fooled you didn't I)

and the entry would be complete without a shameless showoff of smart baby #3

creative binge

I think because I now have a new baby and my time feels scarce and punctuated by stopping to feed him every 2 hours-- I now have that sudden burst of creativity I have begging for the last 9 months (I can't paint when i am pregnant- all cretaivity energy is drained from me!). These are my recent endeavors. This is my new favorite i have been doing the last 2 nights -- I feel a new series coming on (I love it when i get into a new series) very klimtesque- very fun color and organic sort of themes- I can't wait to do more...all these were to help me get warmed up- get the creative juices flowing and get my brain ready to get inspired for my "new series" --a chain garden series cut paper piece 11x14a new rubber block print i cut- printed in blacka new 24x36 garden piecesome giant apple and pear studies 16x20
Of course I attempted to start the new year and my post partum time with a healthy eating resolution- a wagon i quickly fell off- but not before i enacted my food fantasies in paint so of course
and I got my boys in on the creative action- here they are doing styrofoam block prints- yes i am the only mom on the planet- who while staying int he NICu with my baby kept her styrofoam meal trays becasue "hey i could bring those home and let my boys use them for block printing. They had a blast- S.S. #1 did a great storm and jellyfish set of prints as well as darth vader and luke skywalker and ss#2- did an abstract piece and can still be heard saying-- "let me ink the brayer!" ahh what i teach my 2 yr old!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the year of floor care

As I was walking through wal-mart a few weeks before Christmas I overheard a woman say to her husband, "Don't you dare get me a vacuum for Christmas".
Reminding him that such a practical gift was in her mind reprehensible. While I on the other hand will enumerate the top 3 items on my christmas list
1. a new vacuum- our has served us relatively well for 8 yrs of marriage and is slated for retirement.
2. a new steam mop- with about 1000 sq feet of dark hardwood floors this sounds like heaven-
3. a small stick vac for use on the hardwood floors.

do you see the clean house PLEASE! trend. I know I am so pragmatic when it comes to gifts. Smart daddy-o did convince me to get some new perfume- for his enjoyment-- and i must say Escada makes fabulous perfumes-- I smelled about 60 different perfumes with no winners and then i smelled 3 of theirs and couldn't pick a favorite they were so good!-- if you like something that is defintely different from the norm may i recommend magnetism, sunset heat and moon sparkle all by escada-- sorry blogs have not developed scratch and sniff capabilities or i'd offer you a smell.