Sunday, June 10, 2007

summer 07- in and out

Okay now that I typed that title, I am seriously craving a good burger from in & out. Well summer is almost here-Smart son has just over a week left of school and it isn't officially summer until you are freed from the school calendar. But, Summer seems too short and it hasn't even begun. I have to take full advantage of opportunity for geographical freedom so we are packing the summer with fun trips. My mom, and my sister and her three kids are coming next weekend- it will be my sister's their first trip to see us, so we will have fun showing them some New England delights. Then i am taking the boys to Virginia for a while to relax and hang out and do a wedding (of course I will return with cake and flower pictures to show my work) . Then we return briefly only to head out on a family vacation to Utah to visit smart daddy-o's family, friends, and my MOFs. After that we recoup and enjoy a little time out home before heading to the beach in North Carolina for our final summer beach extravaganza (dreaming of the food at the blue point and walks along the beach already). We will be busy but when we are home, we will be home. Hanging out doing whatever we feel like doing- enjoying the blissful unstructuredness of summer vacation- going to park, going swimming, reading books, eating ice cream.
There is something about summer that just makes you feel different (and i think even look different)- it is a time for laying on the grass, drinking fresh lemonade, fireworks, sand, ice cream, fresh berries, kissing, playing in the water, air conditioning, and just letting yourself relax (I think I crave it so much because what i have just described is the antithesis of a new england winter). Oh course all this time, I likely be feeling not so hot (as i do usually from 4-11pm) and getting bigger by the day which may slightly tarnish enjoying the true summer experience- but even with all that I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

my kryptonite

Okay, I'll let the cat out of the bag (as zoe guessed in one of my posts)-- I am pregnant- 12 weeks today-- and that has been the main cause of my conspicious blogging (and well general life) slump for the last few months. Now if you know me and pregnancy, the two don't go well together. I get sick and basically become a hermit who leaves the house only for drs appts. and other absolute necessities because I feel TOTALLY miserable. I cut down on all extraneous and non-essential activities including things like washing my hair. Add to my already unpleasant state you have to factor in my tiresome medication regime which includes swallowing handfuls of pills each night and 2 daily shots in in hopes of keeping this pregnancy (if you are new and don't know my history I had 7 losses between smart son and smart baby and was eventually diagnosed with blood clotting issues- hence my major pregnancy medication cocktail) and then there is the stress, the appointments, the labs and ultrasounds to ensure things are progressing normally - because after having numerous pregnancies end unfortunately after perfectly normal 8 wk u/s-- you really can't relax and get excited for a long time. But I decide it was time to start acknowledging I might actually have another baby. I am happy to report that as of today (thanks to my trusty doppler) the newest smart baby is still plugging along nicely.

The other night I was bemoaning my state to smart daddy-o explaining to him just how little I was capable of doing in a day given my present condition. I complained about my inability to do simple tasks like getting dressed, cooking, as well as my lack of all "umph" and creative abilities. Seriously when I get pregnant I cannot be creative, I become a shadow of my normal self and lose all of my skills. Smart daddy-o laughed and said, "When you get pregnant you do lose your super powers".

It is totally true. Pregnancy is my kryptonite-- no leaping tall buildings, no going faster than a speeding bullet, and no accomplishing super smart mama feats- just writhing miserably, whining on the floor with green and sickly glow.

So know you know you know my weakness...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

summer outings

well tis the season of summer outings so I will post a review of our ventures for your viewing pleasure.

last weekend we took a fun trip to kimball farm (a great new england gem) where we enjoyed unlimited mini-golf (great courses- 2 thumbs up). smart baby got tired of the golfing on about the 6th hole and got a kick out of throwing everyone's balls in the elaborate water traps. We unlimited bumper boats which smart son thought were the coolest things on the planet i think we did 8 rounds!! and yes it is true ice cream paradise- here you can see smart son with a kiddie size! smart daddy-o and i split a doubledae sundae -with peppermint stick, chocolate, hot fudge, marshmallow and whipped cream! you must it consume it very quickly because it melts in 10 second flat (way to go butterfat!!) today we did our annual zoo run. there is agency here that support early childhood development and parenting and every year they do a zoo outing- so yes the entire family gets free zoo admission, lunch, snacks for the kids and a free book! i love it! we go every year! smart baby was tireless running through the entire deer trail segment and smart son was quite the guide telling us facts about all the animals. I didn't take so many pictures because well its the same animals every year just bigger kids!