Sunday, October 17, 2010

my story

Well seeing as I reached 15 in my domestic work series- I decided to switch gears a little and round out the mothering series to 5. This is piece number three in the series and piece number 4 will debut shortly- it is about 2/3rd of the way done.

story cropcomp

I will indulge you in some sentimentality regarding things in this piece even though with this whole series. The last thing I  want is sort of cheesy sentimentality assigned to them. This is mothers rocking chair, the one that she read to me in, and yes this was one of my childhood books of Raggedy Ann and Andy (wow children's literature has come a long way in 30 –odd yrs). The basket on the side is actually a wicker Moses basket I got in Turkey as a little girl and kept my stuffed animals in and the blankets on top were made by my great grandma.

on color…

poppedOkay so I kind of have a thing for color, okay make that a major crush…I love to play with it. How colors look next to each other, the seemingly endless variations of shades—it’s intoxicating. The emotions that come from various combinations. So here are some new pieces I have done lately-- a mixed media piece-- urban, 12”x 36”. I love mixed media even though a lot of people have a harder time relating to them as they are generally really abstract and non representational . They are really mixed copygreat exercises in composition, balance, and movement. And here is a piece I did this weekend returned to my chain garden series- one I haven’t painted in in a while. I was so interesting though because this one is definitely different from the others in the series. Its’ funny how you sort of change as you go along and can’t go  back to being just the same. It makes me appreciate the uniqueness of each painting that can never be duplicated.

boldcom[pChain Garden Structured, 30” x 40” x 1 3/8”

ode to town beach

townbeach_thumbThis was my summer, every afternoon watching my boys splash in water,fight over turns with the yellow inner tube, dig deep holes, and try to catch fish in their nets. We passed so many afternoons on that sandy stretch on a lake known to all the locals as “town beach”. It is one of the most sublime pleasures of small town New England life. Here is a painting of my 2 year old this summer at the beach. My remembrance of the blissful moment for childhood summer.