Tuesday, April 12, 2011

in progress

I started a new piece 2 weeks ago, but life has been too crazy to get back around to it...I wanted to do some new looser pieces- so this is 2 sessions of painting so far on this piece. I have enjoyed being more loose than I was on the domestics- which is much more my natural style- maybe life will settle down enough to get it done—sometime…


Monday, April 11, 2011

Cupcake Class

for the past 4 weeks I have been teaching after school enrichment cupcake class. this year we did pretty simple designs given this is 2-5th graders. I am happy to see it wrap up because I have made 500+ cupcakes over the last month! anyway if you are looking to figure out how to make panda cupcakes, octopus cupcakes, monkey cupcakes, lion cupcakes, tiger cupcakes, robot cupcakes, bunny cupcakes, easter basket cupcakes (also cute if you add sugar wafers cut in half to make 4 basket sides- mine got eaten before i got a picture- monster cupcake got eaten as well), butterfly cupcakes, fish cupcakes, frog cupcakes, pig cupcakes, dog cupcakes, and sheep cupcakes- you can see them here-sorry I don’t have time for full tutorials- if you have any questions on what I used to make them  drop me a comment- the icing eyes I get from country kitchen sweetart. I also get my cupcake boxes from brpboxshop- they are great. IMG_6151IMG_6152IMG_6153IMG_6247IMG_6250IMG_6253IMG_6625IMG_6614IMG_6616IMG_6620IMG_6149IMG_6080IMG_6071IMG_6074IMG_6076

Sunday, April 03, 2011

bus domestic

I have to say this is one of my favorites so far. Probably because the colors pop beautifully on my new gray family room walls and because it has special significance. People asked how I got the shot. Well it just so happens one of the people I used to visit teach 9 years ago in Virginia drives a school bus (thanks A.P.!) and she gracious agreed to park it in her driveway so I could get the study shot. But what’s even cooler is that this bus is from the county where I used to teach school- (yes that’s cut off in the painting but I know what the bus really says) yes back in the day when I was Miss Whyte 1st grade teacher. I taught at a darling rural school and every afternoon we’d walk our classes out to the bus. All the kids from other classes would say hi and hug you as you they walked by. We’d and wait while they loaded on and then wave goodbye to all the kids as the 4 buses pulled away.

Now I am on the other side waiting with my 3 yr old from the bus to come afternoon to return my 2 boys from school. (although truth be told when its snowy I wave to the bus driver as he drives past and stay in the warm confines of my entryway! )

we've been waiting

when you’re home alone on a saturday night

then you might as well paint the city that never sleeps…last night I did this detail from one of my favorite photos I took in New York City 2 years ago. I was there for a conference and we went a day early, took the boys out for Turkish food  at Akdeniz and to the MoMA- it was one of those days that just hangs perfectly in your memory. It absolutely beautiful as the sun was starting to set and all the lights were coming on. I’ve never painted a city scene so it was kind of fun little project.IMG_6595

here is the photo that inspired it..