Wednesday, May 27, 2009

divine providence

Sometimes it comes in mysterious forms. Let me start by telling you I am totally car-ed out. With company, a 4 day conference in Boston, temple trip, and 5 drs appts I have logged more car hours in 2.5 weeks than I usually do in about 2 months, so it was with some slight annoyance that my husband called me today because he had locked himself out of his car at work and could I swing by and unlock it for him after an appt. This is did and decided to stop at stop and shop for some yogurt from my son's morning "yo-yo" on the way home. And what should I find strolling through the aisles of stop and shop...only something that made me beam.

let me backtrack. When we first moved to here I started using these diapers called cottontails. I loved them- I loved them so much I called the company to tell them how superior they were to huggies, pampers, and luvs. They told me all the brand names these were made and sold under and those are what I have used on my children ever since. So hereI am 18 months into my third child and they stop making the diapers. I paniced no more- EVER. I lamented this to my husband, I still have 9-12 mo of this child in diapers- surelyI could not survive without my favorite diapers. I tried other things but they made me grouchy.

So what should I find today walking through the other towns stop and shop-- a giant cart of cotton tails diapers 50% off! So I proceeded to load my cart. Box after box. I used my higher math skills to calculate the approximate number of diapers I would need for the next 9-12 month and bought the right number of threes then successive fours and some fives, which are slightly gratuituous) but my 3rd is after all my chunky little love. My cart was piled- literally piled like some david smith sculpture. I bought out all but size 1&2 and 6 (luckily I don't need those seeing as my boys have never gone past 2 1/2 in diapers)-and I actually contemplated buying those just in case I have a fourth.

I had another woman following suit, buying diapers for her unemployed son's baby. She was so impressed with my pragmatism and practicality I had her laughing out loud at my witty quips. I converted her to my ways. Soon other people were gathering around us wanting a piece of the pie- or rather diapers and the good time in the corner of the aisle. (Too late I already had all the 3s 4s and 5s which 10 minutes before no one wanted!) I was so happy I also stopped for two cartons of friendly's forbidden chocolate ice cream and two cartons of Phish food -- this after all deserved a celebration of monumental ice cream scale!

You would not believe the stares- surely they thought I was the next octo-mom. I could tell you in boxes and packs but it would be a bit obscene to reveal on the internet. So moral of the story you never know when an unexpected blessing may come your way like in the form of your favorite discounted, discontinued diapers!

(and for all of you greenies I promise to reduce my carbon footprint in other ways- I must hold onto this lone environmental vice- forgive me!)

oh and I am over at segullah talking about smart girls

1. providence 2. pragmatism 3. stop and shop-xoxo smart mama

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

how does my garden grow...

Well the plants are still green, whether they are growing? That's questionable. I can see seedlings of looseleaf lettuce, herbs, and green onions sprouting up so I guess so far so good. I'll keep you posted.

My fruit trees are all popping out leaves and blossoms and there is lots of fighting over the hose. I just want the fruits of my labors already!

The other side of the yard (not pictured) has onions, flowers and raspberries.

1. cadbury caramello 2. a cute little boy, even if he put my shirt in the toilet 3. a gold star for #2

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day (note only two of my children half-heartedly agreed to cooperate with the forced annual mother's day shot- so the third gets seperate billing. ) Thanks boys for making me a Mom. I love you even in spite of the legos on the on the floor, the laundry that never quite seems to make it into the basket, and the "is that ALL we are having for dinner" comments.

Also I wrote this week on Segullah about our brotherly and sisterly church affections in "What the Ward Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love" if you want to catch my ponderings. Note, I did shake hands with the missionaries today so I feel diligent.
Off to enjoy my dinner and play with my boys!
1. treats at church 2. meals by the fam 3. flowering trees