Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day (note only two of my children half-heartedly agreed to cooperate with the forced annual mother's day shot- so the third gets seperate billing. ) Thanks boys for making me a Mom. I love you even in spite of the legos on the on the floor, the laundry that never quite seems to make it into the basket, and the "is that ALL we are having for dinner" comments.

Also I wrote this week on Segullah about our brotherly and sisterly church affections in "What the Ward Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love" if you want to catch my ponderings. Note, I did shake hands with the missionaries today so I feel diligent.
Off to enjoy my dinner and play with my boys!
1. treats at church 2. meals by the fam 3. flowering trees


LL said...

you look BEAUTIFUL in that Mothers day picture. What a fun idea to take a pic each mothers day!
Ok. SO, we went to church in NZ, there was a LOT of cheek kissing and hugging, loved it and totally thought of YOU!
Happy Mothers day to you my friend!
p.s. we are in the states. 10hr layover in LA...then we're on our way :)

ellen said...

ditto re: the picture. it sounds like you have had a nice day!

Jenny said...

I thought of you at church today, as well--made an extra effort to touch the arm of a woman I was talking to, kiss the cheek of a woman who I knew would like that, and generally enjoyed personal contact. Happy Mother's Day!

Swimmingmom said...

What a nice tradition to take pics on Mother's Day. You look beautiful! Glad you are enjoying your day!

sweetpea said...

love the picture--it's a really fun tradition to have. Happy Mother's Day!