Monday, March 30, 2009

the prodigal blogger returns

Here I am, back among the living. I have finally cuaght up on some sleep, survived a week alone while Allen was in Mexico on business. I have been hustling to get stuff done for a dinner/dance auction for our town ed foundation this week and I can report my room redux is almost done. Curtains (lined with thermal and blackout liner- oh so luxiurious, pretty, and energy efficient) are made and the new paintings are done. My camera is still away at canon being repaired (this is back to back trip #2) so I haven't wanted to blog becasue well I need pictures! Pictures are worth a thousand words and I can't get enough computer time to write thousand words descriptions for all the things I need to show you. I do have a blurry pic of the new paintings- but I promise a room shot to follow soon.
I have also been making checkerboard cakes and cookies with boys, venturing outside to clean up the nasty dead plants now that the snow is gone, and planting a small orchard of fruit trees.
You can also catch me on segullah today, talking about A God of Details and Embracing Smallness.

Also as soon as my camera returns next up- my post Gardening at 10 feet in the air
So I'll be seeing you.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

smart mama... absent

I remember when my friend shelah started blogging other places she said her own blog took a hit. And thus is mine lately. Truth be told I am still coming up to speed on the editor ropes over at segullah and I have been working on alot of projects (like some new paintings, some essays, rit dying my bedskirt, and helping my bf shelah pick a house in Ut (we have compuslive diseases when it comes to decorating and planning). When not doing those I have been widly chasing my climb on everything baby(I forgot about this stage and well i've never had a climber quite like this one)! Poor smart mama has been shoved to the back burner a bit- this is merely temporary.

But if you are missing me you can join me for my two recent posts at segullah -
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