Tuesday, March 03, 2009

smart mama... absent

I remember when my friend shelah started blogging other places she said her own blog took a hit. And thus is mine lately. Truth be told I am still coming up to speed on the editor ropes over at segullah and I have been working on alot of projects (like some new paintings, some essays, rit dying my bedskirt, and helping my bf shelah pick a house in Ut (we have compuslive diseases when it comes to decorating and planning). When not doing those I have been widly chasing my climb on everything baby(I forgot about this stage and well i've never had a climber quite like this one)! Poor smart mama has been shoved to the back burner a bit- this is merely temporary.

But if you are missing me you can join me for my two recent posts at segullah -
casting no stones
let me tell you about the birds and the bees

1. discussion 2. harmony 3. errands done


Swimmingmom said...

Wow, just read the casting no stones post. That certianly gives us a lot to think about. Well written, good work. I should have posted there, but just didn't feel like it today.

Christy said...

I do miss your blogs, but I know you are hard at work elsewhere, more important...you are not forgotten!

Trueman twins said...

Thanks for the birds and bees blog. I saved the guide and other reference. I give a little info at a time and if they drop the conversation due to lack of interest I know that they are not ready for more yet...

Blue said...

hi leslie,
just saw your reply to my comment on segullah about your painting. i visited shelah in october and she's got one of my favorites hanging in her house. and now she's moving 3 blocks away from me, so i'll get to see it regularly! so will my daughter...she loves your style too.

as far as being absent...i decided that i write mainly for myself. not for the comments. not for the positive strokes. that way i don't have guilt when i'm "away". it's a nice place to be, as it turns out. you are such an uber-achiever. i imagine it's hard to be okay with less than ubiquitous writing/painting/baking/decorating/mommying/running/wifing/churching/domesticating. but you're fine just doing what you can when you can. be gentle with yourself!

BTW: L♥VE the newest painting (or if not the newest one, the one you wrote about that got you out of your funk.) it's gorgeous!