Thursday, March 30, 2006

heaven in a box

"Home can be a heaven on earth"...when Wright's dairy is in the fridge!!"

As you can see we (me and sick kids) took a little fieldtrip today to the worlds best dairy farm- a true new england gem-- Sadly the pictures don't do it justice... The cake in the back is 6 inches tall (now in my stomach) eclair is 9 inches long! The best part is most treats are under $1!

One taste and you are hooked- I like to think I make mean desserts but Wrights still has one up on me. I like to go there (of course to show my boys the cows and help them apprecaite the wonderful beasts who bring us such confections!) and experience what I term HEAVEN IN A BOX. Lest you think I am a slave to my physical appetites-- Eating these delectable treats of cream, pastry, cake, and frosting actually elevates your spirit-- At least this is how it works for me...If life on earth can be this good-- and we know heaven is far better--then WOW! Heaven really is worth working for.

So if you need to remember why its so important to be good-- Do what is Wrights!

Choose your own ending...painting

Everyone likes a choose your own ending adventure books-- well today we are playing that game with art...

as I confessed yesterday I am in this bird painting phase, (yes i am a fickle artist and i can only paint when i am in a certain groove-- when you get an inspiration you have to do it - immediately) trouble is it is coinciding with sick kids, dinner guests, soccer class, and 101 other things on the schedule.

I am trying to decide the direction to take these birds - So I turning to you all for help- yesterday you saw rufous hummingbird- I like the bright background but i think maybe too bright?-- I just can't decide on backgrounds-- do i want something bold?? do i want something subdued?? Yes i have talked about my terrible indecisiveness before and I need your vote-The other question... I am doing this for somewhere in my house, or just to sell, or just to sit in my studio and be stared at. Anyway I turn to you- great blog world for your opinions..

hummingbird #3- still in progress- place your vote for background color range

1-light lilacy- violet (compliment to yellow) like this XXXXXXXXX or XXXXXX
2-buttery to golden red yellow (compliment to purple and analogous to many other colors in pic- cheery) XXXXXXXor XXXXXX
3 pale robin egg-periwinkle (analogous to purple and green dominant painting colors-- cool feeling) like this XXXXXXXX to XXXXXX
4 deep darker green (totally show off bird) XXXXXX or XXXXXX
5 orangey rusty (vibrant) XXXXXXX or XXXXXX

Thanks- the ever tormented artist!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

show and tell wednesday-- for the birds

Here is my latest painting- in fact i am in the middle of 3 hummingbird paintings at the moment--I was struck with this latest mania earlier this week- I am still puzzled by the subject-- truth be told i am not a fan of birds in fact one of my greatest college torture experiences relates to birds.

I was an education major-- and although i love my alma mater I think the course requirements for elementary school teachers were a little tedious- they chose every class you took, even general ed requirements were specific-- no electives-- you couldn't take physical science 100 like everyone else you had to take physci 110 (physcial science for teachers). Also it is a little known fact that it is NOT a co-ed school-- That is if you are an education major. I figure it may be part of a deeper plot to segregate a large part of the girls from a large part of the boys (my husband was an engineering major and can attest to this isolation theory as well). It is a fact that many of us hang up our credentials for motherhood and they may figure if enough of us graduate single they can get a few good teaching years out of us before we eventually marry and settle down.

One of the "special requirements" is a Zoology class called Appreciation of Nature (sounds pleasant enough) really it was all about observing and cataloguing your observations of 75 species of birds- and in my opinion bird watching is for the birds!!

For those of us non- birders- getting up at 630 on Sat. morning (don't they know we stay up late on fri night!!) to walk around the canyon with a bunch of your fellow girl classmates, binoculars and your professors is not on my top ten list of FUN COLLEGE ACTIVITIES. I took the class spring term so I only had 2 months of this torture-- i failed to realize though that meant 4 mo of observation in 2 mo! I soon realized i don't have what Howard Gardner terms "naturalistic intelligence" (big shout out for Howard by the way one of my favorite theorists- and a nice man IRL) No matter how hard i looked I couldn't even see birds walking through the wooded areas of campus, let alone, find them in my giant bird, and identify their specific species characteristics, before they flew away or i realized it was one i already had. I was saved only by my brother in law- who is a wildlife biologist and bird guy who drove me around and helped me find species (big shout out for phil favorite bird guy and also nice man IRL)

So I sold back my bird book at the end of the semester because try as i may couldn't pickup the habit and remained generally indifferent to the fowl of the air. Recently though I was captivated by beautiful images of hummingbirds- I think they were my ticket all along- the appeal to my aesthetic sense, a way of building a bridge between me and the feathered friends-- they are dazzling, their glorious iridescent colors and elegant curves, their almost odd proportions, the way they hover, their delicate beaks. I guess I had never really seen them before because their wings were beating so fast. So my lesson from the birds... stop and look... is beauty in everything even if you don't notice at first-- so I give you rufous hummingbird.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

lest you think my life boring

MY WORLD WAS ROCKED TODAY- by my new toothpaste-I am not sure what possessed me to stray from my traditional gel, maybe the sparkly package with a diamond on it (I am always a sucker for sparkly things and diamonds)- Colgate Luminous- Paradise Fresh Flavor --
Let me extol it's many virtues--

1. TIP- no this doesn't squirt out in a usually worm shaped line- think cake decorating star tip- it makes putting toothpaste on your brush an artistic experience. (and you know for a cakemaster like me it makes brushing your teeth almost as fun and decorating a cake) So I think maybe I will like it as much as frosting???

2. COLOR-- I was unprepared for the silvery clear, sparkly lilac color that emerged when i squeezed for the first time-- All I know is any remnants that remain in the sink will be far less noticeable that the bright blue/green of other brands-- and thus give my bathroom the illusion of greater cleanness. I am hoping some of the glittery part remains- making my sinkle sparkle- no cleaning required...

3. LID- the clear lid covers a larger area- so any superflous gel doesn't jam up the tiny cap. Creating clean closure for even a sloppy squirter.

4. TASTE- I admit I was sceptical about the flavor paradise fresh- I tried to imagine at the store the taste of paradise. Although imagining my life in "family paradise" only included the flavors of sand, sweat, pool water-- and i doubt that combo would sell much toothpaste. So I decided they must have been marketing to "prekids paradise" which conjures images of fruity drinks, complete relaxation, and looking hot. I was pleasantly surprise by the flavor circus in my mouth- not fruity, not minty- the whole time you are brushing you are trying to figure out what paradise tastes like, and after the "main conflict", just as you are about to spit you finally reach a resolution you have never been to paradise but indeed this must be the flavor. what a glorious relaxation denoument as you realize you are in the paradise of oral health.

5. NOVELTY- yes- the novelty of all these factors elevates toothbrushing to a higher level- making it a more aesthetic experience.

So 2 thumbs up to colgate and the product development team for revolutionizing toothpaste in a single tube. I might not be able to handle such paradise every day- maybe i'll save it for special occasions.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

my life as a movie part 2

Okay i have blogged before about how fun it would be to have your life made into a movie-- everything would be more fun, exotic, and glamourous as it is on TV or in the movies. With so many volunteers, for the project I started thinking seriously about it-- In order to write the script, I decided to start analyzing my day in more detail. My research yielded the following data.

sleeping- okay not as much as the average person, punctuated by sick and crying children

eating- never sitting down for more than 3 minutes-- extreme cake/cookie dough consumption

laundry- loads and loads- read my previous ode to laundry

errands- post office, returns, target, state vehicle inspection-- only the finest

cleaning- toilets, dishes... true grit

mom and kids -play- the true bright spot of the film.- much music, dancing, and silliness.

misc. stuff- you know calls to the insurance company, paying bills, filing papers, the parts of your day as palatable as cardboard.

cooking- not spectacular enough for food channel crowd- way to much standard fare and use of the microwave to earn any accolades (we do eat ecce panis bread!)

leisure- occasional paintings, swimming in the 4 foot therapeutic pool at the YMCA with the over 60 crowd, reading 2 pages in a book before falling asleep, or 2 pages in a magazine only to find the next page torn out.

driving- to preschool, to church- to everywhere in new england (min 20 minutes to all locations)

family time- yes again a bright spot- family night, lots of ice cream, instruments and games.

I am starting to think it might not be the hit I hoped--I can see Ebert and Roper would give it 2 thumbs down for unending laundry scenes, gratutitous toy clean up and plot that goes no where except to preschool and back.

Then there is the subject of rating-- with graphic such scenes of true motherhood --I think it would need an MA rating-- mothering audience only-that is-- those mature enough to handle intense whining, all forms of sickness, and the true monotony of dishwasher unloading.

I am starting to think it would be better in a foreign film style--subtitles a must for the non parent crowd-- one where you come away a little confused, trying to figure out if there was a plot. One where you just sort of leave with a feeling or emotion-- generally the slowness of the action is all focused on drilling home one resounding gut feeling or message --

Hopefully that feeling would be--motherhood- timeless in it's love and sacrifice and worth every minute -- The thing that I (and alot of you other extremely great and talented women out there) choose to do each day!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

proof of motherhood

motherhood is sometimes downright hard and dirty-- you've all been there- whining, messes, sleeplessness- it is easy to remember the hard- sometimes we forget the sweet. I think back to my life 5 BK (this is 5 years ago-- before kids) and how different everything was-It was more orderly, I read more, definitely slept more, my hair was better, not to mention my stomach. But I didn't have goodnight snuggles, babies kisses and someone to eat cookie dough with in the middle of the afternoon. I love being a mom, and as much as the rewards are intrinsic- sometimes it helps to see proof that you did something good-- oh sure i believe the angels are transcribing our great deeds but that doesn't always help you sweep the floor or change one mroe diaper. (maybe thats why i blog- to create this alternate history where i am always the fun, thoughtful, witty wonder mom)

we're short on sleep around here this week so I am providing today some of my favorite motherhood proof-- proof to myself of all the fun of all the beauty of growing up and the mom that has been there along the way-- growing into something she needs to be.

I give you some of my sons paintings-its not just the pictures but all they represent, the exploration, the loves, the little indiosyncrasies of childhood and how our kids make our world more beautiful and more meaningful, in so many ways...

(thomas, sea creatures, arnie the donut, rolling marbles, space, and my favorite the asian flu virus (yes done from a microscope image- don't worry its from a magazine not a fresh sample!)

Monday, March 20, 2006

The prodigal son returns!

He has returned! Poor Ralph got lost - or as we put it (in the less traumatic parentese) "was off on an adventure".

We had been subsituting Ralph S. Mouse with Ralph B Mouse in his absence (a small gray playmobil cat- yes nevermind that cats are enemies of mice it was small and gray and the preschool mind can easily change species)

We searched and searched to no avail-until finally last night he emerged from an extended excursion behind the back couch cushion!I think another celebration (by that i mean cake) is in order!!!

you are what you eat

if you are what you eat... then i am a sugary coated outside with a soft sweet interior and delicious chocolate frosting center.

What else would i rather be

Special thanks to dunkin donuts for supply our visual (aka chocolate cream donut) for a mere 89 cents (don't let the "cream" fool you its filled with fluffy chocolate frosting)

what are you??

Friday, March 17, 2006

for the sake of cake


I love cake, I really love cake. I started making and decorating cakes when I was 8 years old. I used to sit for hours with Wilton magazines envisioning frosting covered pure sugar fantasies. I think I started making them because I really like to eat them. Also as a child I found nothing more beautiful than paint and glitter and as we all know sprinkles and frosting are the glitter and paint of the edible world. One of the great lessons of cake making is “Those who make the cakes get to eat the cakes!”(other less enjoyable lessons- cake making is messy, also the more elaborate the cake the bigger the mess)

I had loving and indulging parents who nurtured my creativity and kitchen messes, which paid off when I made my own wedding cake (my first project of such enormity) And it was enormous—I wanted a giant cake and that’s what I made a 14”-12”-10”-8”-6” almond poundcake.

Each year or so I do a cake or two- mainly I load up the boys and travel to remote kitchen for friends or relatives weddings—it’s always a fun thing. I like things personal and few things are more personal than making one of a kind food or art for people. There is something in seeing it a giant delicious wonder you have created. So if you want so see some of the cakes I have made, check out the link. I wish I had pictures of those ones from my early days- Because i'd love a blog MY LIFE- A HISTORY IN CAKE-what a tasty walk down memory lane-you’d have loved some of my early classics- kickin’ it old school with a star tip – a cake decorated to look like a navel orange, a cow, Winnie the pooh)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

vinegarette de smart mama

One of my favorite things to eat is "good salad" no not the kind with tomatoes, cucumbers and shreds of carrots- the kind with good greens, fruit, sugared nuts, and a tasty vinegarette served at ladies luncheons. I make these often at home-- and the hardest part is getting the dressing to stay mixed- the oil and the vinegar are constantly seperating-fighting that perfect emulsified state.
I am that vinegarette-
I am made up of all these clashing sides- i'll explain...

Pioneer vs. blue-blood (the genes)-
Dad- raised in small idaho farm community- his parents were good pioneering stock, ran a fabric store, eastern idaho state fair, thrifty to the dime, and resourceful- you know the use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without type!
Mom- raised in NY and Philadelphia- Well if you know my grandmother- has a penchant for buying whatever strikes her fancy from the latest nordstroms catalogue- despite the fact that she is in her 90's, likes a good cocktail party, loves jewelry, is the antithesis of thrift, the great stories on that side of the family are about bad behavior and eating dinner with the maid in the kitchen (my mother is a charitable saint very different from her mother- but i fear those blue blooded recessives are in there waiting to express themselves)

Then lets move on to the Left brain-Right brain-thing-- they like to admister those tests-- trouble is what about those of us who fall smack in the middle- like the logic and math- like the touchy feely chaos- you'd think hey being equal is the perfect balance but its not (you can't have both)-- instead it sets you up for the perfect battle- equally matched no side can win.

Artistic vs. Orderly- yes you may think these are not mutually exclusive-- but they can't live in perfect harmony either-- i know many artists who are very creative, but organized and structured-- but it is often evidenced in their style-- they are tighter more controlled-- us free wheeling artists- need happy accidents- we need STUFF to inspire us, our minds are constantly drifting off distracting us from the task at hand while in the back of our minds we are constantly trying to work out the scheme of some new piece. If it all gets too structured, it loses its inspiration. (case in point the balance painting-- i had just had a serious conversation with a woman that morning - and so i whipped out the painting instead of unloading the dishwasher and folding clothes)

Simple vs. Living fully- I like things simple- i think our pace of life is way to frenetic- i love nothing more than a day when i don't have to leave the house-- i try to be the type that protects my kids from the crazed competitive treadmill around us-- when we slow it down- but then again- i have my blog, my online gallery, my stuff in IRL galleries, the charities i volunteer with, my church responsiblities, school volunteer stuff, shuttle to preschool and classes, helping friends, being the fun mom, keeping my house clean. It's Mark Rothko vs. Gustav Klimt - both are beautiful but they can never be the same.

Change vs. Consistency-- if you spend much time in my house-- you see change- paintings come and go, the move through various rooms in the house- colors change, Just the time a room is almost done, i do something to to change it (i guess it shows i am about process not product)--maybe it was my air force child lifestyle of living somewhere 2 years and then you move--I can't stand stagnation. Bu then on the flip-side I am a creature of habit in many ways- i like the exact same smoothie every day, I put up every Christmas decoration out of sentimentality, I like to go back to the same vacation spots and do the exact same things-- i can be highly ritualistic. (see one of my original entires flavor of the week)

Introvert vs. Extrovert-- i spent a good part of my life being very shy, but then decided i wanted to be outgoing- so i changed-- but still in many situations i am reserved (like with the other preschool moms) but at other times life of the party (and if you ask my college roommates- a big flirt- which i still deny)

Procrastinator vs. Speed Demon- I am one of the fast person-- i can get dressed in nothing flat, make choc chip cookies in 2.5 minutes, and i graduated from college at age 19. I like getting it done and moving on. But then agaain i like to let laundry pile up until the baskets are totally full,I hate making phone calls, i always have about 10 things on my to do list that have been copied over for a month and still not done-- so which am I?

"To thine own self be true" ... a tall order to fill when you are 2 things-- equally two things. which is true?which is me? I find myself sometimes paralyzed with indecisiveness-

For a few brief moments I am the perfect blend, vinegarette de smart mama, but the rest of the time-- bites of oil or vinegar.

Monday, March 13, 2006

show and tell monday- Balance...

I did this painting today as my baby happened to take a 2 hour nap while big brother was at preschool. I entitled it balance (acrylic on canvas 20"x20" with aluminum leaf) I know a lot of people are struggling right now with perspective, with personal issues, with decisions. I just thought of how precarious is the balance of our lives?- we seem or feel so tenuous at times ready to tip- but the key is to keep the balance even when forced are exerted on us-- things don't hit us in the center-- as i said to someone today life (marriage- a lots of other things) isn't always 50/50- sometimes we give 60 and get 40- sometimes we give 10 and get 90 and sometimes we give 100 and get 0- but that is what commitment, compromise and life is all about.Life isn't always fair, life is always easy, but it's perfect balance makes it beautiful.

so that inspired the composition- nothing intersecting at the center, tenuous weighted strands against a rich shining leafed background

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ralph is 5!

No, Ralph is not one of my children- Ralph is my son's imaginary mouse friend (inspired by the Beverly Cleary classics- Mouse and the Motorcycle and Ralph S. Mouse etc. or for those non readers- also the afterschool special by the same title staring a young Fred Savage) My son concocted the idea as a way to get a pack of reptiles I got at Marshall's (home to many a deal) into full play rotation. He told me that the next day was Ralph's birthday and we needed a party. So we made a cake for Ralph, candles, whole nine yards (Lest you think i am that good of a mom-- it was all about me wanting some excuse to make yet another checkerboard cake with choclate frosting- of which i have eaten 4 pieces a day for the last 2 days!) and Ralph recieved wrapped gifts: a leopard gecko, frill necked lizard, iguana, and 3 horned chameleon (which are now having many fond adventures at our house). I am recording this, so at a future date in my son's adolescence, when I am accused of being "mean" and "no fun" --I can demand he take it back and tell him i am a cool and fun mom who even has birthday parties for imaginary mice!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

my life as a movie

okay for a few years i have been stewing this idea-movies totally suck you in- life is never that exciting- i think it would be fun to see my life as a movie-- I mean your life only totally glammed and funnied up-- total hollywood style (bollywood style would be funny too) that would mean you'd only be shown from good angles, with good lighting, and always scenic shots-- someone to do your hair and make-up, and dress you (or better yet- a hotter version of you- non post baby baggage) you would pause purposefullt and deliver ever line emphatically, and of course dragging out repressed passion, and always capturing those longing "looks" you are exchanging with your leading man. also you could take out the lame stuff- the parts that are never in movies like doing laundry, wheeling the trash to the curb, vacuuming your car, shaving your legs, stocking food storage shelves, doing returns at Target.

Also real life moments would be much more captivating if you had a life soundtrack-- yes someone carrying around a cd player and cueing up the totally perfect song at the totally perfect moment--(like the ultimate mix tape) that fades in and out at the ideal moments like kissing scenes. I mean leave it to hollywood- "i am sure that welcome home honey, take the baby before i burn dinner" could be made sexy (of course i'll be wearing my glam apron and be decked and coiffed- not in my pajamas with unbrushed hair- there must be the sauteeing of fresh vegtables- in my pottery barned, flower gardened tree lined street house)

So if i had to pick...I would like my movie life to be done in a true jane austen style (of course i play the beautiful, independent, idealistic yet romantic heroine)

The sitcom of my life i would have to say either Seinfeldian or Officesque (i have to say my creative brain could pull of some scrubs-like broad farce montages)

so hollywood- bring it on-- and any takers to be my soundtrack guy

and hey all you faithful blog readers, I'll send you tickets for opening night or get you a cameo-- only promise me the same!

sometimes you just can't deny your kids...

This has been a week when you must indulge the pleadings of your 5 year old because after all why not....

"Mom, can we please get asparagus?" (giant double pack from BJs) "And can I have some for lunch and dinner!"

I also caught myself from saying "No more peapods or we won't have any for dinner." "Eat all the vegetables you want," I said instead.

"Can I please do the lesson at Family Night" we've come a long way-- he used to not be a fan of family night which makes you feel like a parenting failure!

"For Family night treats, I choose a microscope instead of dessert!" (I had found one for a steal at marshalls and intended to put it away but when he of his own right asked to trade his beloved orange and vanilla swirl ice cream for it-- i couldn't resist) You know me a sucker for science.

"Can I watch the prophet DVD?" (very dry 15 min documentaries on the lives of the prophets-- he specifically requested Heber J Grant)

"Can I go to my room and listen to the Chasing Vermeer book on CD?" (it's 4 cds long- couple hundred page book)

What a great little boy!

Friday, March 03, 2006

smart mama's toy pics

As alluded too in other blog entries- one of my favorite things is being a master toy picker. After all my specialty is children's play. Here is my list of the best toys for kids, toys that promote cognitive development and creativity, toys that are open ended. Yes I love creating the worlds optimum toy collection with the perfect balance of domains. So on the request of Rachelle- here is my list of must haves... i also have tips on the best places to buy them at the best deals or best brands etc.. so let me know if you want further tips...

Puppets (finger and hand and marionettes) puppet theaters are great too
Wooden blocks (love the basics but also the architectural ones, ones with water, beads, themes)
Plastic animals, sea creatures, insects, reptiles, dinosaurs, horses (small and large)
Space toys (planets, shuttle, rockets lunar rover)
Legos (not just the basic sets because they have really boring pieces)
Playmobil (huge fan- love the plane, minivan, house sets, farm sets, dr sets)
Instruments (drums, triangles, maracas, recorders
Magnet play (geomags, mag marbles, mag wand, mag chips)
Gross Motor (parachute, balls, beanbags)
Sports equipment (bats, balls, golf, soccer, football, tennis, flotaties, etc)
Ride Upons (bikes, big wheels, scooters,etc)
Various CDs (classical, contemporary, kids, everything)
Dramatic play- (masks, capes, wigs, hats, costumes, tails, glasses, jewelry)
Vehicles (tractors, cars, planes, trucks)
Train set or Roadway (with lots of track pieces, bridges etc.) I'm anti table love sprawling sets
Puzzles - large wooden, then on to 6-8 piece and up to 25+ plus
Lacing/stringing- beads, cut outs
Games -(board and card)
Structures (wooden barn, dollhouse, tree house, fire station, castles, etc)
Kitchen play- food, cash register, dishes, kitchen stand
Tool play and basic wordworking (hammers, nails, stumps) well supervised of course
Medical Play- a must for every child- dr. kits
Pattern blocks/sort activities-(create shape using blocks, montessori style stuff)
Building stuff- knex, pipe connectors, block connectors, bristle blocks
Books - picture, chapter, books on tape/cd, poetry, etc.
Art Supplies -(paints, glitter, paper, scissors, markers, glue, collage supplies, clay)
Tactile stuff -(sand box, water tray/table/playdough, cookie cuters, garlic press, rolling pins)
Outdoor toys- digging, scooping, insect catching, collections,
Bath toys- tub colcors, sponges, pouring (syrup bottles my favorite)
Science Toys- ant farm, catus garden, root vue garden, bacteria farm, microscope, thermometer
Dolls- anatomically correct, historical action figures, community workers, clothes, care items
Quiet activities- mini flannel boards, felt boards/books, busy books, i spy
Marble games- love the wooden ones and marbles
Computer games- i am selective and limiting-- but have definite favorites- starting age 3
Cooking supplies/household help items- aprons, spatulas, kid size brooms, mops, mini vacuums

Thursday, March 02, 2006

dante's inferno

I remember writing a parody of Dante's Inferno in my HS English class for, Ms. Stokesberry, an interesting woman known to her students for her obsession with "sexual imagery" in all literature.

My parody was quite creative it focused around the TV- the late night off air striped screen, bad reruns of Lawrence Welk, late night infomercials, home shopping channels, lame PBS shows (which i now love)- each circle more torturous--

but i have decided i had it all wrong--I need to rewrite it about a Wal-Mart shopping experince-- oh the rings of horror-enough said....

what belongs in youir version of the inferno

wedding mistakes

As i pulled the "harvest gold" tupperware pitcher from my parents shelf to make oranges juice- i realized that pitcher was 33 years old and it reminded me of a powerful truth


I don't have anything quite that heinous haunting me yet- i purposely shot for timeless and neutral- although i am realizing some dish towels are excessively ugly! But i will admit buyers remorse on the office couch - it was originally for my dh's home office 5 yrs ago- we were forced to pick something at ikea (navy and white check) and his company paid for it-- its a sleeper sofa so it's too practical and in perfect shape and my cheapness won't let me replace it-- the fabric totally bugs me...

whats you're biggest early marriage purchase mistake or wedding gift that is starting to turn your stomach.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

why i stopped reading magazines

pottery barn, crate and barrel and restoration hardware are going to the shredder- browsing the pages only brings on questioning and despair

why doesn't my house look like that? (although i often find the palettes a little bland or itless- i long for that organization- it's pure marketing genius-- prey upon the mothers insatiable desire for order)

why i must avoid them...
1. i am too cheap to spend that much for every item in my house and i don't like to be reminded of that
2. anything with too much cream or white means you= professional laundress
3. you know those are staged rooms no family with kids has a room that looks like that - so they try to trick you into thinking your house will look like that if you buy their stuff but it is a lie and dirty trick!!
4. they remind me my towels are not soft and plush, my sheets are not silky, and my coffee table does have enough 50$ hardbound coffee table books
5. they make me think i should have that- not true! i should have a orderly home-- but at the same one that loves and celebrate kids.
6. i really don't like taupe and beige that much- and those slicky pages try to convince me that i don't but but i am a true color gal and all forays into "neutrals" leave me with buyers remorse

the things they have which i don't...
only artfully displayed bowls of fruit (who uses that many apples??- no spots on the bananas), jugs of fresh lemonade with mint sprigs (yeah like i'll pay 2.50 for 1 sprig to float in my jug) the "bulliten board" covered with artsy postcards, photos (always in b&w of people doing rich people things- sailing, houses in the hamptons, serious cocktail parties), fabric swatches, bizarre european ticket stubs, and sketches. there is always a container and home for ever item, every paper. nothing is in its original packaging- nope must be transfered to some glass, chrome or basket container-even laundry soap. each container of course costs as much as i am willing to spend on my dining room curtains.

Farewell catalogues- you will not drag me down today

okay maybe one peak before pitching.

feel free to add what you learn when you look at catalogues...