Friday, March 10, 2006

Ralph is 5!

No, Ralph is not one of my children- Ralph is my son's imaginary mouse friend (inspired by the Beverly Cleary classics- Mouse and the Motorcycle and Ralph S. Mouse etc. or for those non readers- also the afterschool special by the same title staring a young Fred Savage) My son concocted the idea as a way to get a pack of reptiles I got at Marshall's (home to many a deal) into full play rotation. He told me that the next day was Ralph's birthday and we needed a party. So we made a cake for Ralph, candles, whole nine yards (Lest you think i am that good of a mom-- it was all about me wanting some excuse to make yet another checkerboard cake with choclate frosting- of which i have eaten 4 pieces a day for the last 2 days!) and Ralph recieved wrapped gifts: a leopard gecko, frill necked lizard, iguana, and 3 horned chameleon (which are now having many fond adventures at our house). I am recording this, so at a future date in my son's adolescence, when I am accused of being "mean" and "no fun" --I can demand he take it back and tell him i am a cool and fun mom who even has birthday parties for imaginary mice!!


Rachelle said...

Looks like fun! And you are a good mom! I hope I will someday do things like that for Cam.

Lei said...

That's more than cool, Les. You are phenomenal!

And yay for successfully linking your gallery!

Lee said...

What a great memory for him! That sounds like a lot of fun.