Sunday, March 26, 2006

my life as a movie part 2

Okay i have blogged before about how fun it would be to have your life made into a movie-- everything would be more fun, exotic, and glamourous as it is on TV or in the movies. With so many volunteers, for the project I started thinking seriously about it-- In order to write the script, I decided to start analyzing my day in more detail. My research yielded the following data.

sleeping- okay not as much as the average person, punctuated by sick and crying children

eating- never sitting down for more than 3 minutes-- extreme cake/cookie dough consumption

laundry- loads and loads- read my previous ode to laundry

errands- post office, returns, target, state vehicle inspection-- only the finest

cleaning- toilets, dishes... true grit

mom and kids -play- the true bright spot of the film.- much music, dancing, and silliness.

misc. stuff- you know calls to the insurance company, paying bills, filing papers, the parts of your day as palatable as cardboard.

cooking- not spectacular enough for food channel crowd- way to much standard fare and use of the microwave to earn any accolades (we do eat ecce panis bread!)

leisure- occasional paintings, swimming in the 4 foot therapeutic pool at the YMCA with the over 60 crowd, reading 2 pages in a book before falling asleep, or 2 pages in a magazine only to find the next page torn out.

driving- to preschool, to church- to everywhere in new england (min 20 minutes to all locations)

family time- yes again a bright spot- family night, lots of ice cream, instruments and games.

I am starting to think it might not be the hit I hoped--I can see Ebert and Roper would give it 2 thumbs down for unending laundry scenes, gratutitous toy clean up and plot that goes no where except to preschool and back.

Then there is the subject of rating-- with graphic such scenes of true motherhood --I think it would need an MA rating-- mothering audience only-that is-- those mature enough to handle intense whining, all forms of sickness, and the true monotony of dishwasher unloading.

I am starting to think it would be better in a foreign film style--subtitles a must for the non parent crowd-- one where you come away a little confused, trying to figure out if there was a plot. One where you just sort of leave with a feeling or emotion-- generally the slowness of the action is all focused on drilling home one resounding gut feeling or message --

Hopefully that feeling would be--motherhood- timeless in it's love and sacrifice and worth every minute -- The thing that I (and alot of you other extremely great and talented women out there) choose to do each day!


Rachelle said...

I love the idea of motherhood as a foreign film - where people wonder if there is a plot. So what being a mother is sometimes!

Stacy said...

Well said! I'd like to hope for an exciting and Oscar winning movie myself - but I know it's a day-to-day thing for us moms. No Academy Awards in THIS life - but just you wait!!!

Crazy and lovin' it said...

Awesome who will play your part in the movie???

Lei said...

Well, watching other moms in action is how I learn all my tricks... so I'd be at the premiere front and center, baby!

Lol at the subtitles for nonparents... parenthood is a foreign language to most of them!

ShelahBooksIt said...

I love this, smarty mama!

But my life would be so exciting as a movie, let me tell you. All that time carpooling and sitting outside dance lessons makes for great Altmanesque scenes.

Besides, I answer a bazillion questions from Annie every day, so witty banter galore around here.

lackrik said...

LOL! That's a great post! It sounds like it would be something along the lines of "Groundhog day". Same thing everyday, over and over and over and over again. :)