Friday, March 03, 2006

smart mama's toy pics

As alluded too in other blog entries- one of my favorite things is being a master toy picker. After all my specialty is children's play. Here is my list of the best toys for kids, toys that promote cognitive development and creativity, toys that are open ended. Yes I love creating the worlds optimum toy collection with the perfect balance of domains. So on the request of Rachelle- here is my list of must haves... i also have tips on the best places to buy them at the best deals or best brands etc.. so let me know if you want further tips...

Puppets (finger and hand and marionettes) puppet theaters are great too
Wooden blocks (love the basics but also the architectural ones, ones with water, beads, themes)
Plastic animals, sea creatures, insects, reptiles, dinosaurs, horses (small and large)
Space toys (planets, shuttle, rockets lunar rover)
Legos (not just the basic sets because they have really boring pieces)
Playmobil (huge fan- love the plane, minivan, house sets, farm sets, dr sets)
Instruments (drums, triangles, maracas, recorders
Magnet play (geomags, mag marbles, mag wand, mag chips)
Gross Motor (parachute, balls, beanbags)
Sports equipment (bats, balls, golf, soccer, football, tennis, flotaties, etc)
Ride Upons (bikes, big wheels, scooters,etc)
Various CDs (classical, contemporary, kids, everything)
Dramatic play- (masks, capes, wigs, hats, costumes, tails, glasses, jewelry)
Vehicles (tractors, cars, planes, trucks)
Train set or Roadway (with lots of track pieces, bridges etc.) I'm anti table love sprawling sets
Puzzles - large wooden, then on to 6-8 piece and up to 25+ plus
Lacing/stringing- beads, cut outs
Games -(board and card)
Structures (wooden barn, dollhouse, tree house, fire station, castles, etc)
Kitchen play- food, cash register, dishes, kitchen stand
Tool play and basic wordworking (hammers, nails, stumps) well supervised of course
Medical Play- a must for every child- dr. kits
Pattern blocks/sort activities-(create shape using blocks, montessori style stuff)
Building stuff- knex, pipe connectors, block connectors, bristle blocks
Books - picture, chapter, books on tape/cd, poetry, etc.
Art Supplies -(paints, glitter, paper, scissors, markers, glue, collage supplies, clay)
Tactile stuff -(sand box, water tray/table/playdough, cookie cuters, garlic press, rolling pins)
Outdoor toys- digging, scooping, insect catching, collections,
Bath toys- tub colcors, sponges, pouring (syrup bottles my favorite)
Science Toys- ant farm, catus garden, root vue garden, bacteria farm, microscope, thermometer
Dolls- anatomically correct, historical action figures, community workers, clothes, care items
Quiet activities- mini flannel boards, felt boards/books, busy books, i spy
Marble games- love the wooden ones and marbles
Computer games- i am selective and limiting-- but have definite favorites- starting age 3
Cooking supplies/household help items- aprons, spatulas, kid size brooms, mops, mini vacuums


Rachelle said...

Thanks for that awesome list! I also want to know the rest - best deals, where to buy, etc. I knew you would give me great ideas!

Lei said...

I can't think of a single thing I'd add! ;) Wait you do have books on there, don't you...

lackrik said...

Great list! WOW!

Lee said...

Wow what a great list!! Good job!