Friday, November 19, 2010

I forgot


to post this one as well- “all clean” the 4th piece in the mothering series. 30x40”

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

for you only

a few months back my friends darling son stopped me at church and asked- “Sister Graff- would you ever paint ME?”I knew this was because I had done this painting of a girl that his mother had that resembled his sister. Well how could I respond to this  sweetest most earnest questioning request and so I said yes. (also maybe he was just preying on my mother guilt  for middle children—they so often just get sandwiched in and you always worry about them feeling special). Now you must know I hate portraits--- I will not do them for love or money or even blood relatives! It seems strange for a woman who has spent the last year painting figures- but really legs are easy and especially painting my own legs 20 times -- I pretty much have them down.  B the truth is generally portraits stress me out and make me grouchy. So I finally got around to doing it. I just did something quick- gave myself a 2 hr time limit (here you can see SS#3 helping me paint the background.IMG_2140

But nothing beats the ear to ear smile I saw when I gave it to him. He ran around the church parking lot with it and was the cool kid in the family for that moment. But the best was his thank you note which included a lovely portrait of yours truly. He selected which image he wanted to draw from with his mothers access to my Facebook photos. I must say I was most impressed by the detail of my toes, wedding ring, and shoes and even the legs  and fabric of my family room ottoman. And his enhancement of my figure would make any Brazilian proud. And if you see the big brown man around tell him I am waiting to be paid  for this in chiclets or indian food. Picture 38

and to darling C- XO always-- love sister G!

In other news

IMG_2123_edited-1I am headed back to Jordan in December on another medical mission with Operation Smile and I couldn’t be more excited Jordan has to be the most welcoming place I have ever been, my friends there are like family. I can’t wait be back in the land of mint lemonade, great hummus, and fatoush. I have been making way too many visits to the salvation army and savers for playroom toys—my husband should be glad this is my worst shopping habit! I painted a giant mural for the playroom wall. My toy suitcase is almost totally packed- and I mean PACKED- (no one can fill a suitcase like me). I spent a few hrs. today sewing scrub hats not one or two but 17. This is an excessive number I have a hard time doing anything on a small scale or in small quantities. My motto is the more you have the more you can give. And I am already planning how to bring homemade cake and cookies in my roller bag carryon- because you also know I love to feed people. So stay tuned for more jordan exploits. IMG_2326IMG_2335_edited-1

picking up

Well the 5th piece in the mothering series is now done! This is set at my parents house this summer using my youngest son, my favorite gray shoes, and the vintage tinker toys of my childhood.

picking up

So this means the mothering card set is now for sale.mothering set compcrop

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an accounting

IMG_1294Well I feel I really should give an accounting of where I have been the last few months- October found me in NYC . I was presenting at the vascular birthmarks foundation conference and running psychosocial support sessions, attending a fundraising gala, and also a board mtg. This meant the family got to tag along for NYC weekend. Which always rocks (I mean the food in NYC alone is reason to get me there) Akdeniz Turkish Restaurant is my boys IMG_1251favorite as well as late night strolls through time square for Jamba Juice. I was set to go alone to NYC because #2 son was sick the day before, but the next morning he was miraculously well and so being the good mother I turned around at the train station, cancelled my ticket and drove home, madly packed the boys, and  loaded up the whole family so we could go to NYC together- this however did mean sacrificing my planned trip to the Guggenheim- but I was glad to have all my boys there with me. (but really any mother who willfully gives up a weekend in NYC alone probably needs to have her head checked). IMG_1285crop
I also went to the power of mom retreat - a fabulous weekend with an amazing bunch of women! Which included driving to and from with my friend Whitney, and when we get together we have the best discussions, creative brainstorming ever. A fabulous hot tub evening with my friend Margaret, Jamie, Anne, and Chrysula. Surely the at Wentworth-by-the-Sea hot tubs rarely encounter such a group stellar of moms thoughtfully discussing  politics, religion, social issues. The sessions were great and I loved getting to talk with so many other really wonderful moms.
We also had my parents come visit as well as some other friends from Virginia. This also facilitated me reorganizing every closet in my house and both attics.
And november well not quite sure what I have done in november- it is the 17th of the month and I have barely taken a breath. I am still cranking away at early morning sem. (hence the bags under my eyes). Just shipping off 6 paintings to Singapore and just finished another pre-Christmas deadline commission. Filling orders for card sets. (all the domestic series, organics, mothering, and mixed media) Just taught a 4 week after school painting class for the boys school. And the in between spaces have been filled with drs appts, dentists appts, parties, showers, piano lessons, the blare of trombone practice, laundry mountains, cookie baking, hosting play dates, and 100 other sundry things in case you though I had just been sitting around eating bon-bons…