Tuesday, February 24, 2009

art and artist

and ps I know I am slow on the valentines day challenge prizes- not forgotten just busy week...
1. tasty dinners 2. boys who love books 3. inspiration

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

art under the influence

Many artists use illicit substances, torid affairs, exotic travel to inspire their art. Since none of the following are available options for me- 1 and 2 definitely out and 3- with 3 small boys in tow I could really appreciate, so I have to resort to things in my very everyday life. This first piece was literally inspired by mango lassi- no joke. I had been in a painting slump since Christmas and something happy, sweet, and surprising was enough to hurl me out of my funk.

Here is a detail and then the full piece- the awkward, ungainly size of 24" x 48". I like it's sort of tension of pattern with confusion the play of contrast with monochromatic green layering. The canvas is textured with layers and paint and sheer papers. I can't wait to varnish it and let the colors pop out and highlight the surface texture.

Also this week a quick study of valencia oranges that may look familiar from my post aboput feeling the love, remember that arrived for me unexpectedly from CA.

My recipe for artistic inspiration: Input food--> art

Maybe this is how it worked back when artists had patrons who sponsored them and provided their livings in return for their work- takers? anyone? smartmama sponsorship? bring food offerings?

or maybe I have some artistic fetish for orange fruits?

1. playdates 2. libraries 3. sun & visible grass

Saturday, February 14, 2009

gushing with love

Well no Valentine's day is complete with out a valentines day card- right? Sorry no conversation hearts that taste like chalk included. So big hugs and kisses from smart mama and family to you and yours!

Also 2 thumbs up for smart daddy-o Valentine's present: a new fancy faucet for my kitchen sink. Installed and ready for action. I am gushing with love! Yes how we love practical gifts here!

Attention all Valentine's Day Challenge Participants- to be eligible for prizes you must either email me (share some of your favorite things- preferably) or post a link (you can leave it in the comments) to your own blog post talking about what you did for the Valentine's day challenge. All posts/emails must be received by Feb. 20th.
1. practical gifts 2. new faucet 3. time to finish organizing upstairs closets.

Friday, February 13, 2009

pathetic indeed- postal woes

...that while I have been out of stamps for weeks I haven't made it to the post office to buy stamps. I tried the other day at the grocery store but you had to go to customer service and I had 2 falling apart kids and had already carried the 25lber through the store was pushing the cart and trying not to run down the heals of my hop- on, hop- off 3 year old and I was not waiting in one more line to be serenaded with cacophonous whine sand squawks.

I hate nothing else like schlepping to the post office. Maybe I was traumatized as a child, I don't know. My town actually has really nice postal workers. I should not be so avoidant. There is just something about driving 7 minutes out in the cold strapping and unstrapping 2 children all for some little stickers.

I asked my postal worker if I could justifiably beg off the lateness of my Christmas thank you notes which have been sitting in want of stamps due to winter hardship or if i was just a sign that I was plain lazy.

Today seeing as the snow has finally melted off my deck and patches of grass are poking through. I couldn't pull the snowed in excuse- although the seasonally affected sun deprived February excuse probably could've bought me a few more weeks. Today after 14 minutes in the car, 2 strap ins, 2 unstraps, 3 coats, $9, 3 sheets of commemoratives, and one round of chase the pages of stamps that are blowing away in the parking lot. My thanks will now be complete.
1. detours 2. nice postal workers to ease the pain 3.thoughts

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

serving up sweetness

If you haven't made them yet, sugar cookies are a valentines day requirement.
Did I mention I have a problem with sprinkles? Is it time for an intervention when you have over 50 kinds?

On other valentines notes- for all my thrifty friends just say no to flowers for valentines. As a floral designer let me tell you the prices double just for valentines, especially for roses (it does at the wholesale end too- supply/demand) while a kind gesture - save it for the off season and you can do it 2x. While I can whip out an very impressive show with a dozen roses, it is far more fun when you get to do designers choice of flowers. So remember that too.

I am way too practical and would usually prefer the gift of furniture, shoes, music, dish towels or small appliances. So branch out even though the retailers want you to believe candy, jewelry, and flowers are the only good options.

So what gifts would you like? What great valentines gifts have you received in the past?

So what are your plans for the big day?

1.pot roast 2. wheaty goodness 3. sprinkles

Sunday, February 08, 2009

love =

I am loved, really everyday I see it evidenced... In case you are looking for ideas, here is only a sampling of the love I felt this week...

Surprise Indian food lunch from my friends , and a flurry of hilarious emails all week (to help me cope while smart daddy-o was off in Mexico on business), and cookies for the ride home from church (because that is a long and torturous 25 min ride without yummy snacks).
A friend making a special trip to Ikea just to buy me fabric I was wanting and then mailing it to me thousands of miles away. Along with a note and fresh Valencia oranges from her yard (so beautiful that my boys asked to use them to paint a still life). She is doing a her own very cool variation on the 14 days of valentines you can read about it here.

Notes on my white board from my husband, he was also my personal massage therapist and best kitchen cleaner around.

A friend watching my two youngest, in addition to her 3, so I didn't have to trek them to pack meeting on a frigid night way past their bedtime.

Tasty heart pumpkin chocolate chip treats from a friend, even though she was busy getting ready for a trip.

An 8 year olds offer to let me have unlimited use of his webkinz account to play air hockey and samplings of all the treats he received from the valentines cupid.

A three year old to tell me stories, Silly Annabelle, Rumpelstiltskin and 3 billy goats Graff, and to sneak into my bed at 5 am and snuggle beside me. Who also volunteered to clean the floor with vacuum and steam mop and did a whizbang job!

An offer to come over for dinner from my always charitable friend.

A baby who always wants to be with me and gives delicious kisses.

Kids I used to teach telling me how much they loved having me as a teacher.

Thoughtful emails from friends.

Have you been feeling the love this week?

1.-2 lbs 2.love 3. a baby who dances to the beegees

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Here are how my days go down with my 3 and a half year old.
Scene: Legos on the stairs.
Me: You know the rule, no legos downs stairs. You need to put them away.
SS#2: I can't.
Me:You got them down somehow, so you can get them up somehow.
SS#2 But it's hard---somehow.

Scene: Hoarding of marshmellows under the dining room table.
Me: You need to control yourself.
SS#2: I can't mom, my 'self' is just controlling me.

Watching a seminary video, little girl in dream sequence is riding a bike through the stars, he responds (in the same voice as the famed Muppetts "PIIIIGS IIINNNN SPAAAAACE") "Flyyyyying Biiiiiikes in Spaaaaace"

He has recently begun professions of faith by making up his own songs like:
We believe that bad guys will be punished for their own sins (to the tune of the 2nd article of faith) and his rousing to new hymn Called to serve the newborn king (think hark the herald angels sing and called to serve rolled into one extravaganza).

Never a dull day.
1. movement 2. busy days ending 3. naps

Sunday, February 01, 2009

high octane only...

I have always heralded myself as being a low maintenance gal, but as the years go by I require more. I feel like I am becoming one of those cars that require premium gas so they don't ping. (Who wants to pay 30 cents more per gallon to fill up their car, that is just silly. If you have one of those cars- I don't think we can be friends)

I just want premium sleep- perfect blissful, uninterrupted, with just the right combo of pillow frost, down, and soft blankets. Really I promise much better performance if I get a good 8-9 hrs. No grouchy sputtering noises, no whining, just smooth running and high performance for hours!

(yes this is my scrumptious new bedding you might remember from my december obsession. every night I sigh with pure contentment when I climb into it's perfect softness each night- the best money I've spent in a long time!)

You can join me on segullah today where I am posting, Confessions of Moroccan Dream Date Barbie, a piece on perspective). I have just taken over the editorial reigns there at the blog with my cohort in crime the ever talented, Michelle L. There are always some interesting, thoughtful post over there and you are always welcome to join in. Happy Challenge day#3!

PS- How are you doing, all you little valentines cupids you??
1. pleasant shoppers (my kids) 2. new boots 3. a dancing baby

all are safely gathered in

... to the new breadbox that is.

I know I have reached the next level of motherhood and domesticity when I dream about things like getting a breadbox. I had suffered too long with ugly bread and english muffin packages littering my counter. So Target did right by me with this little stainless steel number, bringing more zen to my kitchen counters!

And that bowl of fruit, well that is about the cheeriest thing around these parts this time of the year. A testament that color does still exist in the world, just not in New England in Februrary.

What little things are brightening your world these days?
1. love abounds 2.cheerful kids 3.energy