Tuesday, February 17, 2009

art under the influence

Many artists use illicit substances, torid affairs, exotic travel to inspire their art. Since none of the following are available options for me- 1 and 2 definitely out and 3- with 3 small boys in tow I could really appreciate, so I have to resort to things in my very everyday life. This first piece was literally inspired by mango lassi- no joke. I had been in a painting slump since Christmas and something happy, sweet, and surprising was enough to hurl me out of my funk.

Here is a detail and then the full piece- the awkward, ungainly size of 24" x 48". I like it's sort of tension of pattern with confusion the play of contrast with monochromatic green layering. The canvas is textured with layers and paint and sheer papers. I can't wait to varnish it and let the colors pop out and highlight the surface texture.

Also this week a quick study of valencia oranges that may look familiar from my post aboput feeling the love, remember that arrived for me unexpectedly from CA.

My recipe for artistic inspiration: Input food--> art

Maybe this is how it worked back when artists had patrons who sponsored them and provided their livings in return for their work- takers? anyone? smartmama sponsorship? bring food offerings?

or maybe I have some artistic fetish for orange fruits?

1. playdates 2. libraries 3. sun & visible grass


Swimmingmom said...

I really like it. Beautiful colors. Can't wait to see the oranges one too when it is complete.

Andrea said...

sigh. these are gorgeous. I want them.

Michelle said...

i will send you oreos. double stuf. would that inspire? ;)

Erin Edwards said...

Last year I made an RSD2 cake based on your instructions (only ours was called, RU10? for my 10 year olds birthday). I came back to check out what you are up to.

I love your pictures of flower jumbles! (Like you used in your background.) I have always wanted to create "true art," the kind you can frame and hang on the wall. For some reason, I have no problem painting all over the walls of a room (in my first house I did stenciling and made my own stencils, in this house the kids bathroom is free-hand tropical fish), but even though I have taken a couple of classes in watercolors and drawing, I can never produce anything I want to frame.

Recently realized that perhaps my hang up is being a perfectionist. For some reason, I don't hold myself to the same expectations of realism when I paint on walls.

So this is getting really long to just ask, would you please consider blogging a tutorial on your flower pictures? I would *love* it.