Friday, February 13, 2009

pathetic indeed- postal woes

...that while I have been out of stamps for weeks I haven't made it to the post office to buy stamps. I tried the other day at the grocery store but you had to go to customer service and I had 2 falling apart kids and had already carried the 25lber through the store was pushing the cart and trying not to run down the heals of my hop- on, hop- off 3 year old and I was not waiting in one more line to be serenaded with cacophonous whine sand squawks.

I hate nothing else like schlepping to the post office. Maybe I was traumatized as a child, I don't know. My town actually has really nice postal workers. I should not be so avoidant. There is just something about driving 7 minutes out in the cold strapping and unstrapping 2 children all for some little stickers.

I asked my postal worker if I could justifiably beg off the lateness of my Christmas thank you notes which have been sitting in want of stamps due to winter hardship or if i was just a sign that I was plain lazy.

Today seeing as the snow has finally melted off my deck and patches of grass are poking through. I couldn't pull the snowed in excuse- although the seasonally affected sun deprived February excuse probably could've bought me a few more weeks. Today after 14 minutes in the car, 2 strap ins, 2 unstraps, 3 coats, $9, 3 sheets of commemoratives, and one round of chase the pages of stamps that are blowing away in the parking lot. My thanks will now be complete.
1. detours 2. nice postal workers to ease the pain 3.thoughts


ellen said...

I love going to the P.O. and picking out stamps but you can order them on line!

smart mama said...

i know but i hate the fee and i don't have a scale for anything beyond normal weight-


Jenny said...

No no! You just get that little FREE envelope in your PO (on your next avoided trip back) that lets you order them from the convenience of your home... And no fee for shipping!
I understand the pain of your trip.
And the fact that those puppies were flying around in the parking lot was the God of Murphy laughing at your efforts. He's a bad guy.

Tamlynn said...

oh my goodness, you need to order online! and get lots of forever stamps, because the price is going up again. I am in love with the flat rate boxes. The mail carrier will deliver free boxes to your door, you pay for and print a mailing label online and set it out for the carrier to pick up!

Trueman twins said...

So much effort for such a quick errand!

Swimmingmom said...

Oh no, what a day! I'd imagine the notes will be greatly appreciated! Yeah, so why don't you just buy them online- you hold your mail that way!