Tuesday, March 01, 2011

winter break


winter break…oxymoron I known, there is no break in winter in New England. We have plenty of winter, and the word “break” for me is generally problematic-- given my hyper-productivity tendencies. Still with a week off school, we decided on a last minute whim to got to Virginia for the week. I got some painting done (another one 2/3rds done), we got to go to the really good library, the picasso exhibit at the VMFA, spend time with family, eat ukrops donuts, and walk around with no coats on (thrilling in itself). Sadly while we were there one of my parents chickens died, Rhonda Warbler, (they have 3- this one was the one my oldest son had named) so he went and picked our a new chicken, nighthawk, a black araucana and is excited for it lay blue/green eggs. We  also got to stop in and see my paintings at the fulfill the vision show in Washington, DC.