Sunday, August 16, 2009

a geriatric couch

My current couch has labored faithfully in the cause of movie watching, party hosting, and all manners of rambunctious children's play for ten years now. It has reached that unfortunate stage where it's decline seems to be increasing at an exponential rate. The color fades significantly more each day, what was once bold red is now a sadly tired pink. Spots seems to appear by the dozen each day. Maybe the stain guard has finally worn off. It's falling apart like an octogenarian. So it's time to let it go.

I have been planning for a new couch for about 8 months and trying to find the perfect thing because well I am picky. Part of it is it's a big room and needs a big couch and sectionals just don't work in there. One day I was reading architectural digest and I saw it. THE COUCH- it was perfect. So I began trying to find it. I exhausted every avenue i could think of and eventually emailed my ISO quandary to apartment therapy who found my cause worthy and posted it on their blog.

Well the verdict is it is custom piece, so good luck getting it. But the silver lining is that readers supplied me with names of two custom furniture makers who are in the process of quoting me for my dream sofa... So hopefully in another couple months there will be a youthful new replacement in my family room (only then i'll have to redecorate).
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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

office love

I am most excited to announce the arrival of new office couch, replacing old office couch which I never loved, and was originally bought by Allen's old company for his office when he worked at home in Virginia. While I wished it would die, it would not, and finally I gave up feeling guilty about replacing a perfectly good couch simple for shallow aesthetic reasons. It has been relocated to the less prime playroom thanks to the macy's delivery guys. Now that the new couch is here I can redecorate the office around it. Me and the ever-changing paintings and all. It is soft, restful and inviting and I dig the lines on those low track arms...

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