Monday, February 07, 2011

now showing L. Graff

In case you are in the DC area, The Fulfill the Vision juried art exhibition is running at the Washington DC Temple Visitors' Center through Sunday, March 27. It has about 100 pieces in it form about 80 artists. Three of which are mine… (any many thanks to my fabulous friend rose datoc dall for her delivery service).

Sunday, February 06, 2011

you know your mom is an artist when


your house is filled with stacks of paintings like this… YES this weekend was the annual art shuffle in which I move everything around. My 3 year old goring to a little bossa nova amid the moving mayhem.

olive trees

You know my art changes like the seasons. I start new series, generally give it a good run and move on to something else. in fact it is that freedom to explore styles, instead of feeling confined that keeps it fresh.  Sometimes I go back and revisit the series later, but its never the same I have been different things in between, experienced different things. You may remember a few years back I did some olive trees, reminiscent of my summer in Jerusalem, well my recent trip to Jordan made me want to get back to the series.  So here are some recent pieces…you can see the influence of some other series in this piece…

allegory 30x40” and lone 18 x 24”