Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pig Cake and the big 2!

My #3 son turned 2 today. I can't think about his birth without remembering all of the drama and complications at the end of my pregnancy. I still can't believe how blessed and lucky I am to have him!
Today we celebrated with a pig cake. (I could not for the life of me think of something really fun and exotic for a 2 year old. I stood there in the kitchen with cakes baked and frosting made and still had no plan. So I thought what is fairly simple and can be made in less than 10 minutes? I give you the pig cake. (8", 6" and mini round"- stacked) We were also in the middle of selling our station wagon today so that caused a little interference! I love this boy though- He is always good for a hug and lots of kisses! I totally love my cute line-up of 3 fabulously fun boys! What a lucky mom I am!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ironing it out

One more painting done before I start full swing into holiday madness. This makes 7 in the series now, and 3 more in progress. I think I will make a dozen by february. Then on to my next series. Then Number #3 turns 2 this weekend. Then it's a steady stream of Christmas preparations. Decorating. Gingerbread house making. Chain of lights. Ornament Day. Parties. My #1 's birthday.
Monday night we filled a white board with all the things we're thankful for. a wonderful life and friends and family to share it with. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

modern architecture kids style

It's been a while since I have posted about my boys- they are getting so big. I measured all of them this week and they are currently coming in at 55 1/2", 44 1/2" and 34 1/2" respectively. Eek! Sometime its as thought you can feel your mothering years are slipping between your fingers.

#1 is buzzing through 4th grade and just finished making a replica of the National Archives in DC for school. He has been engineering various playground games such as "hill ball". He has been practicing lots of new songs on the piano and knows so many things I don't about fish and the standard model.

#2 loves preschool. I actually went with him 2 days last week and we let the kids grind wheat with a hand grinder. I went back on Friday, big mixer and all and we kicked out 5 loaves of homemade bread for snack. He is helper extraordinaire and has his bed made perfectly before breakfast every morning!

#3 smothers you with loves and kisses. Likes to grab ears, play ball (mean arm) and read Curious George Goes To The Hospital and A Visitor for Bear many times a day. A likes to play with his toy "NA-mas" aka Thomas and race through the kitchen at the speed of light on his plasma car.

Well this week they called me out to the studio to show me their creations with wood pieces. SS#1 designed this modern house complete with solar panelled flat roof and courtyard with fountain (love the detailing- really I would live in a house like that. It looks just like it fell out of the pages of dwell). He then borrowed my camera to take some more artistic shots of his creation. SS#2 then showed off this fabulous modern airport with wood & glass pieces!

How to make lipstick cupcakes

Looking for a glamourous cupcake idea for a girl party? Here are some lipstick cupcakes for a make-up makeover party.

So here is a quick how-to-tutorial

1. Frost the cupcakes.

2. Sprinkle the edges with pastel confetti (I get mine from country kitchen sweet art)

3. Tint fondant dark pink, light pink. and purple.

4. Form a long snake out of the dark pink about 1/2" diameter. Cut into short segments on the diagonal.

5. Roll out purple. Cut into small rectangles. Shape over the lipstick.

6. Roll out light pink. Use a pizza cutter to cut thin strips to add detailing.

(You are probably wondering why I- mother of 3 boys am making lipstick cupcakes... well I auctioned off my services making designer cupcakes at our town ed foundation dinner dance last spring and the woman who won requested something for her daughters party. Hence the pink girliness-- I also used an extra to make a cute little cake for one of my friends daughter who one remarked that I always had soft hair and shiny lips- have to love kids compliments) So "Sister Shiny Lips" came through with a surprise treat today! Moral fo thta story- tell me my lips are shiny and you might get a cake...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

stirring things up

The latest in the domestic series I kicked out the end of last week- I was on a roll. (Trouble is after a really good groove, everything else feels kind of tiresome and like a letdown) Sadly even about 24 hrs after finishing a painting the thrill of the accomplishment is gone. I told my husband I think I am an accomplishment junkie...some crazy creativity addiction (constantly needing a new fix, and it just doesn't last like it used to- laughing at myself)
Digging the citrus colors and 10 pts for you if you know which room in my house is actually pictured in this painting!
Incorporated in this are the following interesting items- stainless bowls (wedding gift- and was actually holding all my kids Halloween candy when the photo study was taken, I knew it wouldn't show given the angle) orange canisters from my local salvation army, white dress I bought in Puerto Rico with my husband a few years ago, and a yellow apron I sewed a few years back. Also props to me for my work in assembling the cabinets and helping cut and lay the cool linoleum tile back when the room was being built.

dare to design part two

I was surprised but also delighted this week to hear one of my dresses made the "final 15" in the shabby apple dress design contest. (My friend Whitney's design (#9) also made the top 15). They had hundreds of submissions and many were really fabulous designs. So you can head over to shabby apple's blog and cast your vote for your favorite-
Which will of course be mine (wink wink!) Only one vote per person.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

who's there

It's been a pretty productive week. I got my portfolio site revamped a bit so you can go and peruse at your leisure. I also finished two more pieces in the domestic series (both are 30" x40") and I have 3 more underway. My goal is to have an even dozen by April. I think I can do it... (I know I won't have as much time around the holidays and with teaching early am sem every other week. I have to be realistic abotu my time -- even though april seems like forever away! Secretly I am hoping to be done by february) I am really enjoying this series though- and combining my professional training with my art. When this set is done I have two other mini-series I want to do but I am trying to let myself see this series through before getting distracted. Right now I have too many ideas and too little time in the studio. Still I am trying to churn them out before the ideas leave and the groove is gone.