Sunday, November 15, 2009

stirring things up

The latest in the domestic series I kicked out the end of last week- I was on a roll. (Trouble is after a really good groove, everything else feels kind of tiresome and like a letdown) Sadly even about 24 hrs after finishing a painting the thrill of the accomplishment is gone. I told my husband I think I am an accomplishment junkie...some crazy creativity addiction (constantly needing a new fix, and it just doesn't last like it used to- laughing at myself)
Digging the citrus colors and 10 pts for you if you know which room in my house is actually pictured in this painting!
Incorporated in this are the following interesting items- stainless bowls (wedding gift- and was actually holding all my kids Halloween candy when the photo study was taken, I knew it wouldn't show given the angle) orange canisters from my local salvation army, white dress I bought in Puerto Rico with my husband a few years ago, and a yellow apron I sewed a few years back. Also props to me for my work in assembling the cabinets and helping cut and lay the cool linoleum tile back when the room was being built.


Anonymous said...

uh, laundry room

smart mama said...

hey, only "the few, the proud, the friends" of smart mama are allowed in this room at my house!
if you have seen this room at my house you'd better fess up!

Lynn said...

I am quite attached to that room!

sherry said...


LL said...

it's so fun to be in your house and see these paintings in person!

Lei said...

I feel the way you do about my creative highs. They don't last froever, unless you come up with soemthing new! Love this piece! parenting mag had a bunch of old school photos of moms doing what they do, and I thought of you and this series!