Sunday, November 22, 2009

modern architecture kids style

It's been a while since I have posted about my boys- they are getting so big. I measured all of them this week and they are currently coming in at 55 1/2", 44 1/2" and 34 1/2" respectively. Eek! Sometime its as thought you can feel your mothering years are slipping between your fingers.

#1 is buzzing through 4th grade and just finished making a replica of the National Archives in DC for school. He has been engineering various playground games such as "hill ball". He has been practicing lots of new songs on the piano and knows so many things I don't about fish and the standard model.

#2 loves preschool. I actually went with him 2 days last week and we let the kids grind wheat with a hand grinder. I went back on Friday, big mixer and all and we kicked out 5 loaves of homemade bread for snack. He is helper extraordinaire and has his bed made perfectly before breakfast every morning!

#3 smothers you with loves and kisses. Likes to grab ears, play ball (mean arm) and read Curious George Goes To The Hospital and A Visitor for Bear many times a day. A likes to play with his toy "NA-mas" aka Thomas and race through the kitchen at the speed of light on his plasma car.

Well this week they called me out to the studio to show me their creations with wood pieces. SS#1 designed this modern house complete with solar panelled flat roof and courtyard with fountain (love the detailing- really I would live in a house like that. It looks just like it fell out of the pages of dwell). He then borrowed my camera to take some more artistic shots of his creation. SS#2 then showed off this fabulous modern airport with wood & glass pieces!


Jenny said...

I would like to visit that modern airport!

LL said...

Grant has been begging to do a "project" and all I hear is MESS!
I need a little more creativity in my mothering :)

sherry said...

Love those kids! They are the best...and they have the best Mom and Dad! As always, so many learning and creative opportunities. It is true, they are growing up so fast.