Sunday, February 01, 2009

all are safely gathered in

... to the new breadbox that is.

I know I have reached the next level of motherhood and domesticity when I dream about things like getting a breadbox. I had suffered too long with ugly bread and english muffin packages littering my counter. So Target did right by me with this little stainless steel number, bringing more zen to my kitchen counters!

And that bowl of fruit, well that is about the cheeriest thing around these parts this time of the year. A testament that color does still exist in the world, just not in New England in Februrary.

What little things are brightening your world these days?
1. love abounds 2.cheerful kids


LL said...

sweet rolls for breakfast...that brightened my day!

Jenny said...

The bright colors on the boxes of Girl Scout cookies... Thin Mints and Lemonades, to be exact.
Now THERE's some winter cheer!

nanci said...

Cute fabric is brightening my world lately.

smart mama said...

LL- hey those brightened my breakfast too-

jenny- I waiting for thoses boxes of cheer to arrive here

nanci- i tried to get cheery fabric and that silly ikea was all out- don't they know how badly I need it

Swimmingmom said...

A scoopful of choc. chips and peanut butter added to my oatmeal this morning brings sunshine to my day:-)

Good choice on the new breadbox, looks great!

Trueman twins said...

You can't go wrong with stainless steel to bring some shine to your day!
Cheerful kids are brightening my day...yesterday it was a whole other story!