Monday, February 13, 2006

ode to laundry

laundry is one of the great tasks of the mother world-- i have often wanted to do a fabulous installation sculpture using an entire gallery room of a museum- laundry lines strung at all angles across the room with clothes of all types hanging from all heights and laundry baskets stacked- full of clothes like bricks making walls and mazes throughout-(of course the number of baskets showing the number of loads an average mother folds in her lifetime-so therefore innumerable baskets.

the unartistic often find installations silly-- but there is often a message- a feeling the environment conjures-- I want to evoke a sense of wonder and profound thanks for mothers the world over for the thankless task of laundry and appreciate for the sheer mountains they scale and manage to tame into baskets sorted by size, and type!

(now i just have to finish my laundry, raise my kids, and go back to art school before someone steals my idea!)


Linsey said...

lol!!! It never ever ever ends, does it??? It is the worst job as a Mom.

bon said...

O, thou vile accuser, mine enemy of old. Laundry. Meh!