Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I love NPR

i have a 15 min drive to and from the son's preschool- yes there and back, there and back-- thats 1 hr in the car 3x a week- now when my son is with me i usually am the good mom and we listen to books on tape from the library- Freddy the Dectective, Stuart Little, Otis Spofford.

but when i am alone or at least with a sleeping baby many a lonely drive is warmed by the kindly tones BBC worldnews, On Point, and Morning Edition. It has a way of hooking you in-- usually-- someones discussion of a recently passed jazz musician, the world TB epidemic, the hamas victory, is the world "happiness quotient" increasing?, great literature on the immigrant experience. There is something appealling in the unknown-- hwat random topic will be discussed today and so for a few brief seconds in every day- the higher level thinking brain regions get activated-- its like mental caffeine- you just need that little fix everday.

So NPR I do love you- despite the fund drives.


The Constant Gardener said...

I'm a talk radio junkie. I can now admit it without embarrassment. I almost feel like a knowledgable adult when I listen.

Lei said...

I am researching a new violin maker because of the plethora of info that is NPR. Love it!

Michelou said...

Love your blog and I love NPR too! My favorite show is This American Life. Hope you can catch that one sometime. I'm a mom too and it's amazing how difficult it can be to do those little things like listen to your favorite shows. But it's worth it!

emlouisa said...

I guess I am the uneducated loser of the bunch. I NEVER listen to talk radio, choosing instead to listen to teeny-bopper music. I like to watch A groove in the backseat to a little Usher. Yeah, bad mom.

My sil always says, "Did you guys hear on NPR today..." and I finally told her the other day that she will NEVER hear me start a sentence with "Today, on NPR..." I'm just not into it.

Props for those who are though. You will all be eternally smarter than I. (or at least seem that way, lol)

smartmama said...

thats okay i made many desparaging reamrks about npr growing up and whined whenever my parents turned it on... now look at me...can i borrow the usher- i do need a little more groove in my am

The Daring One said...

Love it. I love the fund drives even. As a doc film maker, I understand the need to have funding from a source that doesn't dictate what and how you create. I'm also a fan of gov't funding for the arts.

Anyway...welcome to the ring!