Monday, February 20, 2006

Truth is stranger than fiction...

So here's the scoop
1.I was once trailed as a suspected target of Libyan terrorists.
true- I was living in Turkey at the time (mid 80s when the US did airstrikes in Libya) I was approached by a man after getting off the bus one day. I was watched by OSI for a while. The same month my parents were also at a wedding when Libyan terrorists showed up with hand grenades. We had to check our cars daily for bombs, etc.
2. I was filmed for a Stop and Shop Commerical.
true- one day while stocking up on apple juice
3. I was a Latin scrabble champion.
true- and i also can make a mean toga out of bed sheets- you should know i am a total nerd!
4. I made the police blotter at BYU.
false- i am risk averse and if i ever got caught by the police for something i'd cry ...but i had many friends who made police beat
5. I play lacrosse mainly because i like sports with skirts.
true- i really like lacrosse but seriously sports with skirts rock (i think it's a genetic thing- my mom played tennis, field hockey, and lacrosse)


Rachelle said...

Wow! The target of a terrorist is just freaky! Truth is stranger than fiction.

Lei said...

I was wrong. :( You've led a fascinating life, Les!

Becky said...

I learned a lot about you today! I agree with've led a very fascinating life!

ShelahBooksIt said...

You even stumped me (though I knew it was either 2 or 4)

bon said...

you got me. number one true?.... wooo!

emlouisa said...

Crazy about the terrorist thing! Wow! My life is...completely boring compared to that!