Wednesday, February 15, 2006

let the games begin

Torino has no spectacle quite like our house at the moment after 4 years of freedom we once again have a crawler. yes as of last week, we are in full destructo crawler mode. At first, he could only go backwards which was relatively safe- but last week we master forward progression. advancing and clearing every low bookshelf is cleared in 30 seconds, overturning trashcans with reckless abdandon, sucking phone chargers (do you think they give a charge when plugged in?), crumpling paper, sampling every edible or inedible remnant found in the carpet and 3 near death choking scares (found 1 marble and 2 plastic rocks in his mouth). the last time we were in this stage we were living in a hotel waiting for our house to be finished- so i had little to no stuff and daily vacuuming--so this is a new motherhood challenge for me
the season is officially open-- let the games begin


Rachelle said...

Can N come play with Cam and teach him to crawl? He's trying, but not quite there yet. He can sure zero in on anything on the floor though and get it in his mouth.

Lei said...

I fear choking so badly we have daily vacuuming too. :-) Fun, isn't it?

ShelahBooksIt said...

cute! I wish I could see him!

We have the "empty all of the clothes from the drawers and shift the piles from room to room" thing going on here. It may sound cute, but it isn't if you're the one refolding all of the clothes.