Thursday, April 30, 2009

sneak peak

So the spring summer issue of Segullah is off at the printer--it will be mailing the end of May. It has 12 of my paintings in it. And here is a peak at the cover (painting is Emerging Eden). While the issues are posted online the art features are not- so the only way to see it is to get the magazine.

On other fronts- I have an article discussion at Segullah today (childhood follies) as always you are welcome to join in.

I promised a return, but my prodigal ways have become a habit. The arrival of spring, the return of sun and warmth has lured me outside. Neighborhood walks with the boys gathering rocks, watering the garden and the new fruit trees, finding my sweet spot playing basketball with the new hoop in the driveway, and just sitting on the front steps eating Ben & Jerry's. I promise next up pictures to prove it!

1. plants 2. being outside 3. trips

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Jenny said...

I miss you!
But stay outside--those things are much better than the keyboard!