Monday, April 06, 2009

picture that

A picture is worth a thousand words... and so is a picture of kids looking at a picture.
As you can see my camera is back- (cue angelic choirs) and I had to leave you with this shot of ss#3 I love my baby because he knows a good thing when he sees it- he's cleaning up the remains of the third piece of coconut cream pie I ate during a session of conference. That's my kind of pie loving baby.

You can join me at segullah today where I am talking about Outsourcing--in our homes homework 2.the painting quiz at free rice 3. jennifer t's coconut cream pie recipe


Jenny said...

I'm off! (To Segullah, of course) and Why no link to this fabulous pie recipe?

smart mama said...

I will have to post it- it's so so good and kind of healthy (okay if you don't count the crust)

jendoop said...

I just have to leave a comment here, like I haven't commented enough at Segullah today. The topic you brought up today has been at the forefront of my mind for the last year or so, perhaps to the point of anxiety. Many things in my life are changing so my ways of practicing these things are shifting but my beliefs are strong. Anyway, wanted to say thanks for sharing your ideas and bringing up the conversation, I've enjoyed it :)
Now, tomorrow I promise not to spend so much time checking Segullah.

Swimmingmom said...

Priceless expressions there!