Sunday, October 17, 2010

on color…

poppedOkay so I kind of have a thing for color, okay make that a major crush…I love to play with it. How colors look next to each other, the seemingly endless variations of shades—it’s intoxicating. The emotions that come from various combinations. So here are some new pieces I have done lately-- a mixed media piece-- urban, 12”x 36”. I love mixed media even though a lot of people have a harder time relating to them as they are generally really abstract and non representational . They are really mixed copygreat exercises in composition, balance, and movement. And here is a piece I did this weekend returned to my chain garden series- one I haven’t painted in in a while. I was so interesting though because this one is definitely different from the others in the series. Its’ funny how you sort of change as you go along and can’t go  back to being just the same. It makes me appreciate the uniqueness of each painting that can never be duplicated.

boldcom[pChain Garden Structured, 30” x 40” x 1 3/8”


LL said...

I think the feeling is mutual because COLOR seems to really like you!
Love these photos...seriously lady, you have the BEST legs!!!

Jenny said...

best legs AND best shoe collection!