Monday, January 21, 2008

creative binge

I think because I now have a new baby and my time feels scarce and punctuated by stopping to feed him every 2 hours-- I now have that sudden burst of creativity I have begging for the last 9 months (I can't paint when i am pregnant- all cretaivity energy is drained from me!). These are my recent endeavors. This is my new favorite i have been doing the last 2 nights -- I feel a new series coming on (I love it when i get into a new series) very klimtesque- very fun color and organic sort of themes- I can't wait to do more...all these were to help me get warmed up- get the creative juices flowing and get my brain ready to get inspired for my "new series" --a chain garden series cut paper piece 11x14a new rubber block print i cut- printed in blacka new 24x36 garden piecesome giant apple and pear studies 16x20
Of course I attempted to start the new year and my post partum time with a healthy eating resolution- a wagon i quickly fell off- but not before i enacted my food fantasies in paint so of course
and I got my boys in on the creative action- here they are doing styrofoam block prints- yes i am the only mom on the planet- who while staying int he NICu with my baby kept her styrofoam meal trays becasue "hey i could bring those home and let my boys use them for block printing. They had a blast- S.S. #1 did a great storm and jellyfish set of prints as well as darth vader and luke skywalker and ss#2- did an abstract piece and can still be heard saying-- "let me ink the brayer!" ahh what i teach my 2 yr old!


katie said...

oh my goodness! I love the cupcake one! (my birthday is pretty close. *hint hint*)

Lei said...

wow, you weren't kidding! i am ABSOLUTELY in love with the 1st one. it's FABULOUS!