Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the year of floor care

As I was walking through wal-mart a few weeks before Christmas I overheard a woman say to her husband, "Don't you dare get me a vacuum for Christmas".
Reminding him that such a practical gift was in her mind reprehensible. While I on the other hand will enumerate the top 3 items on my christmas list
1. a new vacuum- our has served us relatively well for 8 yrs of marriage and is slated for retirement.
2. a new steam mop- with about 1000 sq feet of dark hardwood floors this sounds like heaven-
3. a small stick vac for use on the hardwood floors.

do you see the clean house PLEASE! trend. I know I am so pragmatic when it comes to gifts. Smart daddy-o did convince me to get some new perfume- for his enjoyment-- and i must say Escada makes fabulous perfumes-- I smelled about 60 different perfumes with no winners and then i smelled 3 of theirs and couldn't pick a favorite they were so good!-- if you like something that is defintely different from the norm may i recommend magnetism, sunset heat and moon sparkle all by escada-- sorry blogs have not developed scratch and sniff capabilities or i'd offer you a smell.


Zoe said...

Les, I am the same way. I actaully get excited over anything that has to do with cleaning! I might need to check out that steam mop! :) I will check out those perfumes too. :)

Lei said...

I just added a Kone to my collection of vacs, and I like. Especially when I only have 30 minutes to spiff up for potential house buyers.

I am always sad when I get to the bottom of my perfume bottle... because I know I then have to hunt for another. And truly I've only ever liked 3 or 4 scents in my whole life. So thank you for the recommendations!

SweetPea said...

I'm with you! I would LOVE a steam mop or new vacuum on any occasion. I love anything to do with cleaning, and when it makes my life easier, it's even better!