Monday, January 21, 2008

poor mans snowboard- snow day antics

well smart son 1 as we all know does not lack for creativity-- and over the weekend he was watching lindsey jacobellis snowboarding- so when we happened to have a snow day this is what he created from a cardboard box-- an indoor snowboard- he started using it to do tricks around the house-- ahh to have such cheap son 2 - still brimming with Christmas spirit decided to bring offerings to our newborn babe- no gold frankincense or myrrh- not a problem-- a spaghetti squash will totally do in a pinch!
He also likes to do crayola window fx markers-- and for all you moms wanting to develop prewriting skills in your kids- I draw a roadway and he makes the marker cars follow the path- a great way to help you kids start learning the shapes and motions necessary for letter formation-(and you thought it was just fun drawing time son- fooled you didn't I)

and the entry would be complete without a shameless showoff of smart baby #3

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