Monday, April 19, 2010

cheap fun



Well as you can see my children occupy themselves with simple things. A tarp, a backpack, and some strings. Then they take turns with the neighbor kids running around the yard with their homemade parachute—I think they secretly hope if they get up enough speed it will lift them off the ground. I caught them dropping the backpack of the back deck (about 11 feet up). I think it was a test run- I reminded them that this is not indeed a real parachute so I don’t want to see any children attached to it going over the back deck railing!


Valarie said...

the bike helmet is the best part.

sherry said...

The Future Wright Brothers?

LL said...

Spring Break!!! Fun stuff over there.

Anonymous said...

HA,funny ;) !!!!!!!!!
Marissa Burt

Jenny said...

Hooray for kids and cheap fun!
LOVE it.