Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Catch me this summer

segullah-retreat-1  I will be at the Segullah Writers’ retreat and hosting the evening Studio Art night in Utah this summer! So come and create with me—get your friends to come too-- it will be a great time!! The writing conference will be amazing as well! It really is for anyone who wants to write/likes to write and I can also provide my guarantee the company will be divine. Many of my favorite women will be there! So come party with me for a day. You know it will be fun!


Lis said...

I'll be at GHA! :( SO sad I can't make it, it sounds divine. I'll for sure see you before you leave (july 4 right?)

Bonnie Tonita White said...

would like more information Leslie.

Blue said...

i'm way excited. and i ♥ paradise bakery. and don't eat cafe rio nearly often enough [but i smell it every day]. really looks like a great day. thanks for all you'll be doing for it!