Saturday, June 03, 2006

snack droppings and the curse of entropy

we love science in this house- but there is one law of nature i despise- that is entropy

Things will always more from a state or order to disorder
Yes, a a mother this concept is the single bane of my existence-- It thwarts my every attempt at organization. In mere minutes we can see this principle in action

My neatly folded laundry will become a dirty, smelly heap

My gleaming dishes will be coated with food remnants

My mopped, shining floor will be covered in snack droppings

My son's beautiful birthday cake will be consumed and reduced to a pile of stray, dry crumbs

My new filing system will overflow will overflow and require hours of sorting and shredding

The beautifully wrapped Christmas presents will become garbages full of ripped paper and a mothers nightmare of small toy choking hazards

We see entropy not just in it's immediate forms but it's more complex- long term forms - as you live more places, meet more people, do more things- life gets more complex- goes from the simple order of childhood to the hectic responsiblity of adulthood. You go from the simple order of being able to fit all possessions in your car (albeit it packed!) as a college student to jam packing a semi truck in less than 4 years...

I guess entropy is to teach us mortals the concepts of endurance and patience but i still say-- DOWN with ENTROPY


Gabriela said...

You're funny! I thought I was the only one out there that thinks about entropy in relation to my house!

Nettie said...

Too true! I guess the whole thing may start to reverse itself when our children grow up and leave, and we start downsizing to smaller homes, etc. Not that the house will start cleaning itself, though!

Lei said...

Yes, I am constantly trying to one up entropy... it's not a law I particularly prefer. Murphy's, either. :)

handiemom said...
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handiemom said...

I like to live by Phyllis Diller's motto:

"Trying to clean the house while the children are still growing is like trying to shovel snow while the snow is still snowing."

Keeps me sane!