Thursday, June 15, 2006

previous chapters

sometimes we get so deep into the current chapter of our life that we forget the chapters before so i am going to reminisce to remind myself...some things i remember from those previous "seasons"

I used to wear nice professional clothes (oh how i miss my great ann taylor and express work wear- tailored pants, nice sweater knits, stretch blouses- now i just can't justify it when my clothes go from clean to banana mush in 20 minutes)

I used to give a mean lecture (any of my past students can of course come and refute that claim- especially those who were crazy enought to take a class that met for 6 hrs straight on saturdays!- but this is my blog and i can lead you to believe I was a pretty fun 23 yr old college instructor) Today i realized i really do miss teaching especially my college classes. I really, really love teaching no matter what the subject I love helping other people learn.

I used to be put together-i never spent a lot of time getting ready but, I miss having long bouncy curls each day-now i get the straight in a pony tail hair (yes i am choosing the moral frumpiness)

I loved getting dressed up to go out- I loved going to dances, parties, nothing like cranking up some good music on a saturday night getting all glammed up and doing something fun with your friends.

I used to travel to exotic places and had opportunities to do fabulous things.

My brain used to work quickly- it is a sluggish at best and quite forgetful lately - i think this has to do with sleep depravation (although my parents would attest to my ability to walk right past things without seeing them practically from birth)


Sabra said...

Work clothes are the best part of working, imo. they are my solace ;p

I think its fun to reminice. It sometimes seems crazy how much different things are. Really, really good, but different.I'm glad life isn't stagnant.

Mama Darlin' said...

It is amazing to see just how different ones life can be!

Mama Darlin' said...

I noticed your art site, from Yessie and wanted to ask you how you liked it?

smartmama said...

mama darlin' I have loved yessy alot- i have been really pleased- I you want shoot me an email (via my art link where it says contact artist) and i'll email you back more of what i love-- Thanks for coming round- loved seeing your blogs- will get over there when i've fed and clothed my kids

modernmama said...

Thanks for the memmories...because as I was reading your post I started recalling some of my previous chapters as well. Many were the same, some were different, but I'm glad they're there to remember--