Monday, June 12, 2006

virtues of being tall

I like being tall- when i was growing up i said i wanted to be 5'10" and sure enough i grew to be 5'10".

The virtues of being tall
finding a great pairs of long pants- i love how long pants look
seeing over people in a crowd
being able to reach things
more space to distribute that extra 10 lbs over
no stretch marks or heartburn in pregnancy (I like to attribute these to my added vertical space)
looking people in the eye
longer strides

The un-virtures of being tall
too many short pants, shirts, okay short everything- everyone makes petites but hardly anyone makes longs
no guys shorter than you ever approach you (hinders HS social opportunities)
leg room doesn't exist
walking into things other people walk under
barely fitting on beds
always having to reach things for short people at grocery stores


Dawn said...

My mom is 5'8 and I've always been sad I didn't get her height (I'm 5'3 3/4). I found her this book written in the 60s called "Tall Girl" about how to be tall appropriately and she chuckled reading it because she said she remembered all the bad advice!

Valarie said...

great new jeans! I can't believe that you are asked to reach things in stores. I would never consider being so forward.

modernmama said...

love the jeans--you look awesome! I've always wanted to be taller than I am, but I'm living vicariously through a very tall dh and little boy!

Gabriela said...

I don't share this virtue with you. I'm 5'6". Not short, but far from tall. What's worse, is that I have a long torso, so my sis is the same height as me, but has about 3 more inches of legs and everyone thinks she is taller than me.

Sabra said...

apparently gabriella and i are twins. i would love more height, as evidenced by my shoe collection. your lower half looks great, btw ;p

lackrik said...

I will just never know what that would feel like. Me and my 5ft 3in body on a good day in heels.

My 5 year old is almost as tall as I am. seriously. lol

Amber said...

Um, apparently I'm forward. I ask tall people to reach things for me in stores... (oops..) But I talk to pretty much everyone wherever I go...