Monday, June 12, 2006

what happens in a week

sometimes it really is amazing to think of what happens in one week... here's a little glimpse from last week...

1. went down a size (new jeans-thanks EXPRESS- love that)
2. had family night 3 times- smart son is really into it at the moment
3. made a cake with a fondant lizard climbing over marshmellow rocks (cool mom moment- i vetoed the fondant hissing cockroaches suggested by s. son)
4. taught my primary class the story of the brass serpent
5. had friends over for dinner (i LOVE having people over- really i'd like it if we had company everyday)
6. playdate for smart son
7. soccer and swim lessons (smart son put his face under water- YAY!)
8. dinosaur themed preschool camp-3 days
9. ear infection/teething/dr appt/fateful pharmacy incident
10. smart baby started walking as primary mode of transport
11. gave a talk at RS
12. had friends over for bowmaking (i only made one and chatted and helped others- i'm trying to cut down)
13. family clean time (bathrooms, vacuuming, floors, etc)
14. smart daddy-o got a raise
15. took the boys strawberry picking
16. library runs- books, books on tape, and movies
17. fell asleep in bed each night listening to Jhumpa Lahiri's the Namesake on CD (loved interpreter of maladies- so i am trying her novel)
18. finished the DR redo
19. read tons of childrens books (our goal to read each one of the hundreds of picture books we have this summer)
20. new itunes downloads(perhaps, perhaps, perhaps- by cake, a you're adorable, papa loves mambo)
21. introduced smart son to Science friday on NPR
22. helping smart son explore the vast wonders of the WWW following science friday links
23. getting through reading The WRIGHT 3 to smart son
24. made dbl choclate peanut butter cookies
25. made 2 batches of muffins (smart baby's favorite food)
26. helped smart daddy-o fish much speaker wire to install our bose lifestyle 48
27. mailed 6 packages (with 2 kids- feat of the week!) also bought the new america land of superlatives stamps (always get the cool commeratives - i'll blog on that subject one day)
28. took the boys swimming 2x
29. went grocery shopping at 2 stores
30. mom and son lunch date out
31. planning new painting for VBF auction in august
32. reorganized office bookshelves
33. started nailing down details for a weddings I am doing cake and flowers for in august (yay lindsay!)
34. worked on summer travel plans (camping, vacations, etc)
35. reloading the food storage shelves

Really I don't sit around eating bonbons all day (although i did consume quite a few klondike bars last week)


Julie said...

You are one busy woman! Sounds like you had a great week, though!

Zoe said...

Okay, I am not going to cry. I know that I will see busy weeks like this again someday. But growing a baby does count for something!! :)

Andrea said...

wow busy girl!!

Valarie said...

What a week! you went down a size AND consumed quite a few klondike bars? How did you manage that and can you tell that I'm jealous on both counts?

modernmama said...

I love the pic of your two cute boys! It sounds like you had a great week--full of fun and productivity. Plus, any week you go down a size gets an A++++!

Gabriela said...

Wow! You have been busy. Love that you had FHE 3 times. It's so great when they are little and want to do all the good stuff.

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

That is an amazing list. There's a part of me that wants to outdo you, and another part that says to the first part, "Shhhh... it'll pass."