Friday, June 23, 2006

Smartbaby learns all things brown are not chocolate

A lesson learned the hard way today- when I was out of the studio/playroom room for 5 minutes- smartbaby snatched a tube of my brown acrylic paint (luckily he picked one of smart son's student grade paints-- less deep pigments)- flipped open the cap- proceeded to eat it some quantity-Yes, I had to answer that I didn't know if it was a "fingerful" or "handful" to the poison control lady (because if I was watching him I wouldn't have let him consume any- duh!)whom might I add always talks to you in a tone that assumes you are a grossly negligent parent. No this is not my first experience calling poison control, I have called them when smart son ingested a dryer sheet- they referred me to the manufacturer as they had no specs on the contents of snuggle- Snuggle in turn rewarded me for my negligence by sending me me a free box of fabric softener??? (he only ate one, not the whole box). Then there was that other time when smart son sucked down jewelry cleaner from the toothbrush I use to keep my diamonds every so sparkly- but my feelings on poison control- are you if ever in doubt call!! The number is 1-800-222-1222)
okay back to the story- after ingesting some unknown quantity, he smears it on his clothes and finger paints it on a 2 square foot patch of the office white carpet (his smart older brother is about 7 feet away playing and oblivious to the entire mishap)- I arrive upon the scene with shock and horror. Immediately, Stripped smart baby in the sink and ordered smart son to "boil water and get some towels" --wait no one is having a baby change that order to just water- unboiled and paper towels. As an artist who paints in a an off white carpeted studio I have become a master at paint removal (for any who experience this calamity- the secret is flood and blot- don't rub)- usually though it is when I clumsily drop a brush and leave a dime size mark-- but sheer panic and thousands of dollars were flashing through my mind when I happened upon the tragic scene this evening- sadly my first thought was take a pic for the blog (but I could also see smart daddy-o taking away my paint priviledges if I permanently ruined the carpet)- So I set immediately to the task at hand.
Sadly, smart baby's cute romper didn't not survive- the injuries it sustained were to massive. The carpet appears to have made a full recovery thanks to 2 bowls of water and 3/4 a roll of VIVA (the only great paper towel- don't get me started on it's virtues).

And I am overjoyed to report that smart daddy-o is finally returning from his week south of the border on business and my week of "EXTREME SOLO PARENTING" is coming to a close


Valarie said...

how we are different (other than the artistic stuff)

-Howie regularly found dryer sheets on which to suck and I never called poison control.

-the camera would have come out before I even grabbed the baby.

I'm glad your carpet survived.

Sabra said...

Viva, huh? Is that why they are so pricey? And I seriously lol'd at the free box of Snuggle. Sorry about the romper, but I have to tell you, when I read the title I was VERY afraid of what he may have ingested, and paint wasn't my fear.

Mama Darlin' said...

I am with Sabey-baby...I thought something else was being ingested! LOL. I am glad that your carpet and baby were unharmed by other said brown stuff.

The Constant Gardener said...

Same initial thought as Sabey here! Actually relieved it was only paint!

So happy for you that your carpet is brown free!

JD said...

Oh how I love a good... Tube of paint. At least it wasn't paint chips :)

Nettie said...

So glad you saved the carpet and your painting priviledges! Even more glad to hear the paint had no ill effect on smart babies insides. I can't help but speculate if he had ingested another color, how things would have turned out at the "other end".