Sunday, May 25, 2008

wonderful wednesday

Wednesday I took the boys to the Children's Museum in Boston with our friends the Jones. Our was a "cool van" the kids voted for showing a showing of the movie legacy for the trip in. (Nothing like a little pioneer history thrown in there) We had a fabulous time. It was a gorgeous day, the museum was mostly empty and the seven kids occupied themselves delightfully for hours on end. We played in the bubble area, made some ball tracks, did an art project in the art room, dropped some change in the recycle room (in the name of good creative fun) , enjoyed Arthur's house, the Japanese house, the China exhibit, the blue Man group pipes, the green roof, etc. Fearless smart son #2 was the first to the top of the giant three-story net enclosed climbing structure. We ended the day with dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. 2 moms, 7 kids, and at the end of it all thinking it was a pretty great day! What could be better?
1. fearless friends
2. the city of Boston
3. great kids playing


Chel said...

Awesome! That is my idea of a GREAT day!
I want to go to Boston.... really bad.

Tamlynn said...

My kids and I have been to that museum. It is great!

Christy said...

Those pictures in with the city outside the window are my favorite!