Friday, May 16, 2008

Microcredit for the everyman

Kiva - loans that change lives
As you all know, I am big on helping my children understand more about our world, how other people live, and appreciate all they have. I blogged a while back about my favorite books for children on the subject. I am a big proponent of microcredit (which has been gaining more recognition since Muhammad Yunus was awarded the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in this area). Basically it is giving small loans to support entrepreneurs who are in poverty. Giving loans that enable them to improve their business and their lives. We used Kiva which allows you to select and entrepreneur you would like to lend to. The use the loan, then repay the loan, you receive the money back, and can reinvest it. So tonight each person in our family chose someone to lend money to. (You can lend in $25 increments). My boys were so excited reading the profiles. It is amazing how a loan of even 500$ can drastically change someone's livelyhood.
My 2 year old chose - Sangimurod Holikov, Livestock Salesman in Tajikistan
My 7 yr old chose: Mujeres Progresistas de Almada Group, a collective of artisans and market sellers in Paraguay
I chose, Fati Dawuda, grocery store owner in Ghana
And my husband chose, Chheangmeng Mao, a blacksmith in Cambodia.

I added a sample entrepreneur link in my left sidebar, so check it out and join in the fun and change the world one person at a time.
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Trueman twins said...

I saw a show on Oprah about this a while back. What an awesome way to give to someone you would never even know! For them to be able to give back the money is not a handout but a handup. Thanks for sharing.

Tamlynn said...

Very cool. I know our church's employment centers work with micro-creditors all over the world. But seeing a person's name and face makes in more meaningful.

Tamlynn said...

And when I told dh about this, he said let's do it with our kids too!

smart mama said...

I kove the way the church does stuff to i am a big supporter of PEF and humanitarian aid

Shelah said...

that is way cool, smartmama! I think I might have to copy this idea. fMh has done Kiva loans for a while now, but I never thought of getting the kids involved.

Christy said...

I've been checking out the site, I love it. I knew about these types of micro loans, but never knew where to go!

We're Wingin It said...

That is really neat! What a great way to make a difference. I know that after living in Russia and visiting Mexico and Guatemala, I've been amazed at how a relatively small amount of money for us would make a huge difference to them. And here is a great way to help them to help themselves.

Lei said...

wow. this is such an incredibly great idea! really, fabulous!