Thursday, May 08, 2008

what kind of blender are you?

My blender died last month so I had to choose a new one. We got it when we got married 9 years ago today, so it's done pretty good outlasted more than 20% of marriages and probably more than 20% of blenders.

As a "Whyte" it is in my genetic code to research before purchasing. So I began interviewing possible blender replacements via various consumer reviews.

I finally narrowed it down to two blenders the Braun PowerMax and the Oster Classic Beehive Blender. Both got good reviews. The Oster blender came in a hot red (my favorite color) and had a classic retro vibe. It's stats:40 oz capacity, 500 watt motor and weighed in at 11 lbs. The Braun, not appliance eye candy, but boasted a 58 oz capacity, 7 lbs, 525 watts, design for better blending (2 serrated and two plain blades a triangular shaped jar for more effective chopping?) and a cooks illustrated recommendation. (okay and 5 bucks cheaper)
The siren song of the sexy red blender had almost hooked me. I'll admit it, I wanted the cool looking blender. I was about to drop it in my shopping cart when my true voice kicked in with the following arguments.

1.It's a color- did we not learn anything from the green and gold 1970's? color can come back to haunt you! We don't keep any appliances out on the counter so I really wouldn't enjoy it's luscious redness very often- but still I figured it would cheer my pureeing when it ventured out of the appliance parking lot cupboard.

2. It's heavier-- and no lugging it around the kitchen wouldn't quite count as weight bearing exercise for warding off osteoporosis.

3. It holds less. As family of 5, three of those being boys, lets remember the role quantity plays in my life especially when it comes to food)

4. It cost more- okay no good counter arguments in favor of paying more.

5. Then there are the Braun "good design principles"- well science is the sexiest of all so you guessed it- Braun won.

Yes, that's me science, smarts, and savings over sexy!
Some people embark on great quests to come to know their true self, when I can sum up exactly who I am in the experience of buying a blender!
(I am happy to report it performed beautifully on its inaugural milkshake run- although we are still trying to figure out the "universal" pictures which correspond with the various speeds- see if you can help-- I am good with Pulse. Ice- margaritas-1. smoothies-2. gravy-3. soups- 4. ???? maple leaves and chestnuts? hamburgers??? and 5. whole pancakes- WOW! I have never seen whole pancakes in a blender before but if you say it can be done- who am I to argue?)1. 9 great years of marriage 2. 1 great husband and 3 great kids 3. a new blender


Chel said...

That was a tough choice, but I think you made the right one. After all, you are the "smart mama" around here. Isn't it fun to replace the old? Sometimes I wish the appliance would just break down so that I could get a new one!
Great job on the research!

Christy said...

My cousin had mouth surgery a few years ago, and they did blend the strangest things for him to suck through a straw, cereals, spaghetti, (personal shudder). Hope it doesn't come to that in your home, but at least you will be prepared.

Christy said...
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Lee said...

Whole wheat blender pancakes. They rock. And I can give you a recipe.

Nanci said...

New small kitchen appliances are always fun! I'm also one of those that have to weigh all the pros and cons. My hand mixer died a couple of weeks ago and I still haven't replaced it yet. I'm trying to decide - hand mixer vs. stand mixer, etc. Any recommendations from the masses?

smart mama said...

Lee- do bring on the recipe please??!!

Nanci- you know i have to say both-- I really like my hand mixer- my paretns did te research on that one for me- and Then I like a superbig stand mixer

Cathy said...

I'm ready for a new blender. Thanks for the research.

Nanci, I have both. Love my Super big Kitchen Aid, but I still use my hand held mixer.

LL said...

Nanci. I have a Bosche (sp?) and a hand mixer, love them both.

SM. wish I had one in my attic for you! way to go in the research!

Arlyn said...

Happy Anniversary!

I have a blender that mostly gets used for blender pancakes, orange julius or a quick cold treat while my husband and I play a game.

The Orton's said...

I'm a Braun - and thanks for doing the research for me because I'm in need of a new one. You're the best!!!

Andrea said...

I have the red KitchenAid and really like it. It sits in the cabinet when not in use, but I like the features on it (for the little I use it). The book that came with it has all sorts of recoipes that I never would have considered. I love the pictures on yours though!! No guessing!

Happy Anniversary! Mine is next weekend, and I want a 4-slice toaster. How sad is that? :)