Saturday, May 10, 2008

scrumptious saturday showoff

one boy with arnie the doughnut inspired "downtown bakery" painting
It's perfect you can almost taste the treats-He can tell you the exact flavors of all the doughnuts and bakery goodies he pictured- giant eclairs, maple frosted, a neopolitain doughnut, strawberry muffins, blueberry fitters, and of course the classic "sprinkled". I think this calls for a doughnut celebration.
He told us if he wins their competition, every person in family gets to pick something form the store.
1. childrens books
2. details
3. a generous child


Chel said...

wow! Yum!

Lei said...

that is so great!

Andrea said...

I love him. And his talent honestly blows me away. I think he might be a mini you :0).

The Orton's said...

SWEET! Enjoy your free doughnuts because I'm guessing he's gonna WIN!