Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I get no respect for my work

So as you can see my boys don't take my art too seriously-- or at least it doesn't merit the "gallery/museum etiquette" treatment (no touching stand 1 foot away, etc)
My 7 year old has been learning about simple machines in science and I heard him call out very excitedly to his brother,
"Look this will make an inclined plane!!".
This was the scene I happened upon when I entered the room. My work in progress propped on the footstool being used as a hotwheels ramp. Ahhh...boys! Maybe I'll get more posthumous appreciation.
1.banana bread
2. my 2 yr old sneaking in to cut magazines with me at 9:30pm
3. my husband taking a vacation day so I can sort the house!


LL said...

you seriously are the kindest mother--I admire your patience.
Those kids are so SO cute. They give you such funny blog moments, I'm glad we get to share in the joy right along with you.

sherry said...

Wishing Smart Nanay could be there to help too! We certainly have creative boys! But how we love them!

Arlyn said...

They were probably just appreciating the fact that you left them an inclined plane to play with!

Gilbert Family said...

Kids will find ANYTHING to play with, even if it's your current Masterpiece :)

Your boys are adorable!

Christy said...

Maybe you should put some paint on the wheels, it could make for an interesting abstract!

Lei said...

Lol that is just perfect! (And that is going to be a great painting when you are done... love the Van Gogh feel of it).

Chel said...

Boys! What in the world would we do without them? :)

Trueman twins said...

I think they just wanted to go for a country ride.