Friday, May 16, 2008

overhead at my house

Congratulations, Jeannette! Our may giveaway winner!! Like bottlecaps always say: Sorry, you're not a winner. Try again. The June giveaway stars June 1st with a new crop. I wish you could all be winners-
Consider it qualitative research documenting the comedy of home life. Here's the May edition of overheard at our house!

"get milking!" 2 yr old to his hungry baby brother
"uh-oh I broke it", two year old says semiremorsefully.
"please put it back in the can and don't play with it again," exasperated mother.
"don't worry I won't, it's broken!?!, " total serious 2 yr old.

"stop playing and Poop!" mom to child.

"please don't tong my bum" by mom after being goosed with salad tongs

"the first time I read it, it totally gave me the snickers" by 7 yr old after reading the stinky cheese man book

"I am drawing atoms" two year old to 7 yr old. "Wow that's really good for a two year old. But did you know most people thing atoms are the smallest particles, but the smallest particles are quarks- but not corks like in a bottle" 7 yr old to two year old.

when asked to write a sentence using the word many my 7 yr old wrote:In the Philippines, there are many shiny jeepneys.
when asked to write a sentence using the word bugle my 7 yr old wrote:Humans can create bugle playing robots.

when asked to write a more descriptive word for house: "villa" (No we don't live in the Italian countryside?)
when asked to write a more descriptive word for man: "pops" (what is this the late 50s?)
"would you like some crackers for snack?" (mom)
"Actually I'd like banana bread, but you could bring me crackers as an appetizer?" (7 yo)


LL said...

your kids crack me up, you crack me up!
SO. the pieces that weren't won, are they for sale???
this summer give away is SO fun!
congrats to Jeannette!

smart mama said...

yep they pieces are always for sale/barter- you know if you ever want anything you have a special in. I haven't decided whats going in the june pot yet

Kelsee said...

The crackers as appetizer truly made me laugh out loud! So funny!

Amber said...

And THIS is why we have we can remember all these hilarious moments. LOVE the milking comment. :-)

The Orton's said...

Funniest kids ever! Crackers as an appetizer??? HA! Congrats to Jeannette!

Jeannette said...

Yay! I won! I never win anything :-) I am so excited to get my painting. Thanks again Les! You rock.