Monday, May 19, 2008

Frog and Toad Party Plan

I have always love the Frog and Toad books by Arnold Lobel. Frog and Toad are Friends, Frog and Toad All Year, and Frog and Toad Together. When I was at Curious George's, a great kids book and toy shop in Harvard Square the other week, I ran across these frog and toad characters and knew instantly that it was going to be my son's party theme. After all one of his classic lines is that he applies to all treats is..."one very last one, then done" shortened from the "Eat one very last cookie then we will be done". (the cookie will power story)

Our party was a mom and kids casual lunch party. I prepared all the food in easy to pass out cups. Lemonade, white mac and cheese, grapes, and mini crackers and pretzels (perfect three year old portions in Dixie cups covered in streamers) for the kids and a bowtie pasta Caesar salad for the moms.. We used camouflage prints and a green and brown theme.

We set up our dollhouse (I have all boys, we call it a "wooden structure" here because it is normally not a house usually a museum or some other building) with frog and toad and used some rocks, fabric, fake plants to make this little diorama. We had a frog and toad birthday mural for the kids to draw on as everyone arrived.
We played a cookie relay game. You could use real cookies I used laminated ones from my days as a teacher. We did a reading from the books. The kids sat on cushions "lily pads and logs". We also played a button game similar to duck duck goose- when toad's "white, four holed, round, thick button" gets dropped behind you get up and run. We had another button relay to put the buttons on toads coat but I scrapped it to tend to my 5 mo old crying baby.
We served up frog and toad cake (here is a link to the green frog cake recipe and tutorial) and mini cones! (Tip: If you set them in a mini muffin tin they are easier to prepare and transport!)
For favors we did green bath foam and manilla drawing paper tablets with frog and toad salvaged images.
We love books in our family and children's book themed party was the perfect thing for my 3 year old!


Trueman twins said...

I love it! What a fun day you all had! I can't wait to show A & A the cake pictures! They are big fans of your cakes! Great ideas, pictures and cake. Thanks so much for sharing. I am glad to see that the meeting this morning didn't interfere with the fun!

LL said...

OK. SO. This was the how it went after we left your house. Jane said," THAT was a FUN party!" Carson corrected her with "THAT was a REALLY REALLY fun party!!!"
You're so cute, creative and fun! WAY TO GO! And happy birthday to SS#2....what a guy!
and seriously, not only did the cake LOOK amazing, it was SUPER yummy!
oh and our party favor has been our entertainment for the day. Nothing says fun like green soap!

Lei said...

So cute! What a fun and unique idea for a party... and I really love book themes! You rock!!!

Tamlynn said...

How fun! I love mini cones. And awesome cake as usual.

The Orton's said...

Holy Dinah! Can I come next time? SOOOOOO talented!

smart mama said...

oh thanks- nothing is fun like parties-- and becky- just get yourself on down here next time!

Courtney said...

I love your takeaways from the party - I get so sick of most party favors which are trashed within a day. Also, thanks for the tip for transporting the ice cream cones!

As usual the cake is adorable.

Christy said...

I just have to bow down in reverence to your talents and creativity!
By the way, does the blue soap wash out of white towels, Kids got a little soap happy in the tub and it didn't all wash out, so the now blue towel is hanging out to worries, it was worth the fun if we had to sacrifice a towel.

smart mama said...

courtney- I so hate little pieces of junk- i alwasy try to gvie something usable like art supplies, bath stuff on year it was really cool marbles.

christy- I don't know about the blue- i hope i didn't ruin a towel-i haven't used this kind before- we had a thing of nemo foam soap we never had issues w/ it washing out (in the washing machine)? hoopefully this will

Cathy said...

What a party! Just seeing the images has caused my great anxiety. But I'm starting to breathe now.
Smart Mama always has a great party! You handle it all with such grace.

Stimey said...

You are awesome! I am having a frog and toad party for my autistic son who is obsessed with frog and toad. I am going to shamelessly steal many of your ideas. Thank you so much!!

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