Monday, April 14, 2008

thought of the day

I have always like this quote. So I will leave it with you today. It's a lesson I have learned from living in many different places and visiting the far corners of the earth. No matter where you are in the world good people around you make all the difference . They can make the most unlikely places the best. So be that person that makes a place somewhere others want to be. 1. being around friends
2. tasty chicken salad (and eating grown up food for lunch)
3. having my 2 yr old fall asleep in my arms


aubrey said...

what a lovely thought. i hope i can be that person!

LL said...

YOU are that person. I had such a great time the other day...seriously, it was so fun and relaxing. not to mention the cinnamon rolls. YUMMY!
fear not the ticks. we promise to offer bug spray to our future guests!